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Form 2290 renewal time for the tax year July 2020 – June 2021.

During this unprecedented crisis, while families and employees are staying safe home, the trucking industry is there to ensure the most critical goods are delivered to U.S. communities. Truckers making it possible to deliver essentials across the country knowing that they are getting exposed. The nation’s 3 million truck drivers are unsung heroes of the coronavirus crisis, working overtime to keep the critical supply chain moving. We salute them for the Selfless Service and helping all the Front Liners equipped with essentials. Let this July be a new beginning for us to move forward from crisis to recovery.

This July we’re celebrating our independence and we wish every one a Happy 4th of July. It is also the time of the year, the federal vehicle use tax form 2290 for this new tax year July 2020 through June 2021 is up for renewal. The Form 2290 and Schedule 1 has to be reported and get it stamped to show that as a proof of payment to have the vehicles registered under your authority with the federal agencies.

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Prefile Form 2290 for the Tax Year 2020 at a Discounted Price!

This is the same time of the year to report or renew your Form 2290 heavy motor vehicle use tax with the IRS and to receive the stamped Schedule -1 proof. Because you need to renew and register your vehicles with the states authorities. This year we’re going through tough time fighting the pandemic and thanks to the Truckers who still on the wheels when the world is staying at home. We’re with you and we wish everything come to an end and the industry recovers faster than before. Let us all fight it together as an unit.

Prefile 2290 for July 2020 – June 2021 Tax Period

Why you wait till July or August to report your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 for Tax year 2020 – 2021, we at made it simple and prefiling 2290 is now available exclusively at a discount of 10% from the e-file service fee. 

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Form 2290 is due now

We are heading towards the end of August and the official deadline for IRS Tax Form 2290 is extended till September 3, 2019 for this tax year as the usual due date August 31 falls on a Saturday. The next business day, September 2 is a Federal Holiday so the official deadline is September 3, 2019.

Today August 29th and you have just couple of days to get your Federal Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 renewed and receive back the Watermarked Schedule 1 Proof of Payment for this current tax year.

IRS Tax Form 2290 and Watermarked Schedule 1 receipt.

This Form 2290 is an annual tax paid in advance with the IRS for all the heavy vehicles use on a public highway from July and that is to be registered on your name with the federal bodies such us DOT and DMV.


Form 2290 eFile from Android and iOS devices with 10% off

Truckers, you may ask how Mobile Applications can help you in efiling 2290 for your trucking business. Mobile apps have a very rich future in terms of business growth! Yes, Tax2290 Mobile App can get you the IRS Watermarked Schedule 1 proof in minutes, helps you to ease your tax 2290 reporting when you are on road and busy trucking.

Believe us, Tax2290 Mobile Apps are super fast and super easy to report and pay 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns. Not only that you can save a lot using our Tax2290 Mobile App, apply the code “ANDROID2290” or “IOS2290“and save yourself 10% flat off on your eFile charges. Smart apps for Smart Filing and Smart Saving!

iOS and Android Tax2290 Mobile App

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July 1 and Form 2290 is now due for renewal

We’re so excited to celebrate our Independence day on July 4th, It’s when we celebrate our nation’s mythology with a day off, a backyard barbecue, and plenty of fireworks.  We’re on for the celebrations and time for us to give it back to the #Truckers out there in road, who is making these celebrations possible with a Flat 10% off on the 2290 efile preparation fee. Teat yourself by applying the code “FREEDOM”, valid till 7th July.

July 4th 2290 efile offer

July 4th holiday travel

A record-breaking number of Americans, 48.9 million, are expected to travel for Independence Day in 2019, including a record of 41.4 million people who will drive for their holiday getaways, AAA reports. A planned travel itinerary could give you more time with loved ones instead of stuck in traffic.

Overall travel volume for the holiday is expected to rise 4.1% over last year, with an additional 1.9 million people planning road trips and other vacations to celebrate America’s birthday. July 3 is expected to be the busiest day for people hitting the road, according to INRIX, a global mobility analytics company. The greatest coverage and intensity of thunderstorms is expected between 3 and 9 p.m. across this swath of the central United States; however, there could be storms before and after that time frame.

Independence Day holiday travel, by mode

  • Automobiles: The vast majority of travelers – 41.4 million – will hit the road, the most on record for the holiday and 4.3% more than last year.
  • Planes: 3.96 million people will take to the skies, the highest number on record and 5.3% more than last year.
  • Trains, Buses and Cruise Ships: Travel across these sectors will increase by 0.6% to 3.55 million passengers.

Be prepared and plan your holidays accordingly, wish you a happy 4th of July and Independence day to the truckers out on the road. Never miss another opportunity to save during this holiday week. Happy and Safe Trucking to all…!

Form2290 efile 4thJuly Discount Coupon