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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear taxpayers! TaxExcise.com wishes you a Happy Christmas 2022 and a Happy New Year 2023! May this holiday season fill you and your family with light, laughter, and happiness. We thank you for this fantastic year, and we can’t wait to have another excellent year with your tremendous love and support. We will continue our service by providing effective solutions to report federal excise taxes online with our innovative technologies and best customer care services.

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A very Happy Thanksgiving to all federal excise taxpayers!

Dear taxpayers! TaxExcise.com is feeling gratitude towards all our customers, users and taxpayers. We are thankful for your constant support in choosing us as your federal excise tax online e-filing service partner. We assure you that we will continue our fantastic services and innovate new features to simplify your tax e-filing.

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Let’s celebrate this Father’s Day with a special discount for your form 2290 pre-filing!

Hello, Truckers! Trucking is one of the biggest businesses in America; truckers are practically risking everything to move everything around the country from place to place. We should appreciate all the wonderful truckers out there and celebrate their contributions to our society. Many truckers spend so much time away from their families to provide this timely trucking service, and we at TaxExcise.com want to honor their service in the event of Father’s Day. Therefore, we are giving out a special discount on form 2290 pre-filing for the upcoming tax year. Form 2290 pre-filing for the next tax season, TY 2022-2023, is actively happening on TaxExcise.com. So, use this opportunity and pre-file form 2290 online at TaxExcise.com. Continue reading Let’s celebrate this Father’s Day with a special discount for your form 2290 pre-filing!

Pre-file Form 2290 for the upcoming tax season, TY 2022-2023, now!

Hello, Truckers! The next season for this year is right around the corner, and you should report form 2290 HVUT to the IRS once the tax season begins in July 2022. You must pay the tax dues in full for the entire tax season, TY 2022-2023, and get the schedule 1 copy within August 31, 2022, to smoothly continue your trucking operations on the public highways. But the catch is IRS will get very crowded during the beginning of the tax season in July because all the truckers and trucking taxpayers are reporting their form 2290 for the tax period. IRS made form 2290 e-filing mandatory for all truckers with 25 or more vehicles in their fleet. Form 2290 e-filing is a simple, effective, and complete automatic process which takes less turnout time than the conventional paper filing method. Even the online filing method will consume some time at the beginning of tax season because IRS will process the online tax reports and approve them for schedule 1 copies for all the tax returns. Continue reading Pre-file Form 2290 for the upcoming tax season, TY 2022-2023, now!

Get your Form 720 tax reported quickly through our e-filing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due April 30 for Q1, 2020.

We at TaxExcise at this time of a global crisis do understand your needs, and wouldn’t want you to miss out on the upcoming deadlines. The clock is ticking, as businesses are closed your work is piling up, that strict timeline is looming over your head and it’s seemingly more and more unlikely that you will meet the deadline. Even though the deadline for a considerable number of forms and payments have been postponed, there are still a handful of tax forms that have not been extended by the IRS and Form 2290, Form 720 and IFTA are namely a few.

Form720 is filed every quarter to report taxes imposed on the manufacture, sale or use of certain type of goods and products, the deadline to have this reported for the 1st quarter of 2020 is April 30.

Due to the current situation with the lockdown still in effect, the most common question we had come across is “Do we still need to file form 720 if we do not have any excise tax to report?

The answer is “Yes”, though you have not made any sale that includes Excise tax you will still need to file form 720 by reporting a Zero Return (Zero Tax Liability).

Form2290 needs no introduction, as most truckers are already aware that this form needs to be completed when a vehicle is first used or placed into service during a tax year. The April 30th deadline is for trucks that started operations and were first used anytime during the month of March.

Preparing your IFTA tax report is fast, easy and more convenient when done online. Prepare your report for the First Quarter of 2020 before the April 30th deadline.

This April deadline happens to be the one that always stands out as it revolves around 3 tax forms that serve a different purpose. You can always depend on our E-file services that is currently open and processing returns online. Though the IRS offices are not operational, their E-file services are online and tax returns are currently being processed with a turn-around time of a few minutes.

Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak we at www.TaxExcise.com have initiated a contingency and business continuity plan to ensure that all our resources are at your assistance. If you have any questions or need any help in completing federal tax returns feel free to call our Help Desk @ 866-245-3918 or email us at support@taxexcise.com do also try out our Live Chat option available on the website. We’re available on all Business days between 9:00 am to 6:00pm Central Time.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, we are in this together.