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You can prepare the IFTA taxes online at TaxExcise.com for this second quarter and file them with the IRS. We offer a convenient platform to prepare your IFTA taxes accurately. You can never make errors in your IFTA preparations since the entire online process is automatic and editable. You can double-check your information and edit them easily. After successfully preparing your IFTA tax reports, you can download them and file them with the IRS. You can maintain all your IFTA tax records and reports in your TaxExcise.com profile.

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Form 720 excise taxes are due for the second quarter.

Another gentle reminder for our Form 720 taxpayers, the quarterly federal excise tax for the second quarter of this tax year is due on August 01, 2022. So, the excise taxpayers must e-file form 720 at TaxExcise.com to stay ahead of the deadline and get the acknowledgment from the IRS directly to your registered email ID. Visit our website to learn more about form 720 e-filing and attractive pricing details, or contact our customer support desk at 1-866-245-3918 now.

The annual PCORI fee is due on August 01, 2022.

The annual PCORI fee, paid using form 720, is also due by August 01, 2022. The PCORI fee is a part of the federal excise tax paid by certain health insurance providers. It should be paid once a year to the IRS using form 720 during the second quarter of the excise tax year. Therefore, the PCORI taxpayers should report their form 720 taxes within the deadline to the IRS at TaxExcise.com.