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FLAT 10% OFF on HVUT Form 2290 Filing for Android Users!

Success in business today requires real-time, mobile access to business opportunities.Bob McDonnell

Mobile Phones have become an Integral part of our day today lives. Right from phone calls to banking transactions our generation relies on mobile phones, it’s hard to find anyone without a mobile phone these days. For few professions it is close to impossible to operate without a mobile phone, one of the Most Important profession that needs a Mobile with Internet Connection every minute is trucking.

Mobile phone can be of many use for Truckers who are mostly on the Road, away from their family and friends. / – Products of ThinkTrade Inc., Pioneers in E-filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290, has added one more important feature to your Android Handsets by launching a Mobile Application to E-file Form 2290 on the go. NOW you can Electronically File Your HVUT Form 2290 through your android Mobiles no need for a computer at all. Continue reading FLAT 10% OFF on HVUT Form 2290 Filing for Android Users!

2290 prefiling is now available with TaxExcise

TaxExcise is now ready and offering pre-filing for Form 2290, the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). Not only that, we are  also offering 2290 filing with 10% FLAT discount for the 2018-19 tax year ahead of schedule. Exclusively for you! beat the queue and stay blessed.

Pre-File 2290 returns for 2018 – 2019 Tax Season

We offer you an easy renewal process of your schedule-1 copy for the new tax year 2018- 19, since IRS e-file servers would likely be snail-slow during season time due to the e-file traffic they receive. So the sooner you e-file at, the faster you get your Schedule-1 copy stamped! It is true that IRS wouldn’t accept any 2018-19 tax returns until first week of July 2018. Continue reading 2290 prefiling is now available with TaxExcise

This Thanksgiving Thank a Trucker Driver

America takes this #Thanksgiving time to honor and show gratitude to all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. There’re 3.5 million professional men and women not only deliver our goods safely, securely and on time, they also keep our highways safe. Thank You Truckers for all the support you do to us…

Turkeys Don’t Fly, So How Do They Get to Your Table? Its the Truckers who deliver them to us. From all of us here at, and ThinkTrade inc. we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

As a token of appreciation we offer a flat 15% off on 2290 eFile fee to save for the Thanksgiving Treat… Apply code “GIVETHANKS” to save.

Thanksgiving 2290 discount

Feel free to contact our Support Team 1-866-245-3918 or write to us @ or feel free to ping them using the LIVE CHAT Option on the website.

Last Day to file your Taxes & Last day to redeem your Halloween Discount! & – Products of ThinkTrade Inc. wishes you all a happy and fulfilled Halloween. ThinkTrade Inc. Never fails to treat every single law Abiding Tax payer who uses its line of products to report or E-file their Taxes. Today is the Deadline to prepare and File three tax forms that can be easily done through & .

Less than 24 hours left to prepare and report or E-file three tax forms through application hosted by ThinkTrade Inc. There are thousands of tax payers who will use our application to report and e-file these tax forms today. Since Its Halloween we have decided to treat every tax payer who files his/her tax Form through us today. An Unbelievable Flat 10% OFF on the E-file Preparation fee VALID ONLY TILL MIDNIGHT TODAY. Use promo Code “HALLOWEEN17” to Avail this Amazing Offer.

Taxes that are due today: Continue reading Last Day to file your Taxes & Last day to redeem your Halloween Discount!

Texas Trucking Association Members can Enjoy 20% OFF on Form 2290!

The Only Decade Old IRS Authorized E-file service Provider for E-filing Heavy Vehicle use Tax Form 2290, / – Products of ThinkTrade Inc is a proud Allied member of Texas Trucking Association. TXTA is a trade organization dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of its members by advocating sound public policies, providing excellence in education, training and information and promoting a safe, dependable and cost-effective motor transportation system to better serve the people of Texas.

Being an IRS Authorized E-file Service Provider and an Allied Member of the Nation’s largest Trucking Association, It becomes our responsibility to keep every Trucker and Trucking Company associated with TXTA, that it is Time to file their Heavy vehicle use tax for the Tax Year 2017 – 2018. August 31st 2017 is the deadline to E-file & pay the HVUT Form 2290. Continue reading Texas Trucking Association Members can Enjoy 20% OFF on Form 2290!