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Decoding Form 720 Federal Quarterly excise tax return

The IRS Tax Form 720 is used to report and pay the Federal Excise tax returns with the IRS. Taxes are filed year on year, quarter to quarter; yes, another year, another tax return. We inch closer to the 2nd quarter filing deadline, July 31 is the last date to get it reported with the IRS.

IRS Tax Form 720 – Federal Excise Tax Reporting

Many of the business taxpayers who deal with specific goods or services that are manufactured in or imported into the U.S. incur Excise Taxes which is often included in the price of the product, like gasoline or alcohol, so you might not even realize you’re paying them.  Let us redefine some of the general question exactly what is Form 720? What is an excise tax? Well before starting with Form 720, let us know that IRS Form 720 consists of three parts, as well as Schedule A, Schedule T, and Schedule C sections and a payment voucher (called Form 720-V). If your business is responsible for completing Form 720, you must do so quarterly and can file electronically or by mail. Payments for excise taxes, however, are required on a semimonthly basis and should be made by electronic funds transfer.

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Missed out to report your 2nd Quarter Federal Excise Tax

The Federal Excise Taxes are reported quarterly with the IRS using Federal Excise Tax Form 720, for 2nd Quarter it was due on July 31 and if you have missed out the July deadline, you can still report it online at TaxExcise.com. Reduce your late fee charges, penalties and interest by filing it as early as possible.

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