The Deadline to Report Form 720 and Form 2290 is Due in Ten Days!

The last date to report form 720 for the first quarter is approaching soon.

The quarterly federal excise taxes are usually imposed on the price of the products and specific activities like entertainment, gambling, etc., and both federal and state governments impose them. Form 720 is used to report the quarterly federal excise taxes on certain products like gasoline and aviation fuels and specific services like indoor tanning services and PCORI. IRS charges these excise taxes during every quarter of the tax year from respective parties entitled to form 720 excise taxes. They are liable to pay quarterly excise taxes for their respective products or services to the IRS using form 720 within the deadlines during every quarter. The last date to report form 720 for the first quarter of this tax year is May 01, 2023. Therefore, form 720 payers must e-file form 720 to the IRS on or before the deadlines and get proper validation of their successful form 720 tax payments.

E-file from 720 on today!

As the deadline to report form 720 excise tax returns is in a few days, you must report form 720 tax returns for your business/service/product that comes under the federal excise tax form 720 and get the acceptance from the IRS soon. Form 720 quarterly federal excise taxes should be reported and paid every quarter of the tax year. Therefore, E-filing form 720 in is the perfect method to report form 720 and get instant acceptance from the IRS. Also, reporting form 720 is a tedious process because it has a lot of parts, categories, businesses, products and services. It is common to make some errors while reporting taxes. To overcome this problem, made the form 720 efiling process crystal clear, where form 720 taxpayers can e-file form 720 smoothly and accurately using our simple steps in just a few minutes.

Form 2290 pro-rated taxes are due soon.

The pro-rated form 2290 HVUT for March 2023 used heavy vehicles are due on May 01, 2023. All truckers and trucking taxpayers must report and pay form 2290 truck taxes on a pro-rated basis for their heavy vehicles first used in March this year and get the valid schedule 1 copy to continue their trucking operations on the public highways of the United States. If you are a trucker with March used heavy vehicles, you must estimate your pro-rated truck taxes from your vehicles’ first used month till the end of the ongoing tax period. Therefore, you must calculate your pro-rated HVUT from March to June 2023 and report the tax returns to the IRS accordingly.

E-file pro-rated form 2290 on and stay ahead of the deadline!

As the last date is approaching, E-filing pro-rated form 2290 HVUT at is the most effective way to report and pay your pro-rated truck taxes at the last minute. We offer fast and accurate form 2290 e-filing services, and you will get IRS digitally stamped schedule 1 copy instantly so that you can report your taxes and get the schedule 1 copy at the earliest and stay ahead of the deadline. You can also pay your form 2290 pro-rated truck taxes through all IRS-approved online payment gateways.