You Still Have Time to Complete Your Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Returns

The first quarter of Federal Excise Tax returns got due by April 30, 2021 and if you have missed the due date you still have time to report this excise taxes with the IRS. Report the taxes as early as possible to reduce the late filing and interest charges on the delay. has a intuit solution for taxpayers that would enhance the excise tax reporting process. This is a self serviced tax reporting website and getting started is simple, just start using by registering with your email and you have help around to walk you through the process screen by screen. No upfront charges, try for free and pay only when you opt to eFile or print the tax return. – 1st of its kind website is a first of kind website for the Federal Excise Tax segment, authorized by the IRS since 2007. We’re the leading electronic filing service provider for Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 electronic filing and Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Form 720 reporting. We also support the Excise Tax Refund Claims Form 8849 for all the Schedules at one place.

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Tax preparation and reporting service built by expert to make your tax filing experience a breeze. This pocket friendly website can help you manage your tax reporting by yourself, simple step by step, interview pattern approach make tax preparation a cake walk for anyone. You don’t need to be an expert in handling tax terms, you just need to key in the data asked for and we take care of the math and get you the complete tax form for your review; when you’re satisfied and ready to efile you can transmit it to the IRS directly and get the acknowledgement instantly.

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As stated it is a free to use service, no upfront fee and we don’t ask for your card details to register in the website. You can create your most secured user account, add your business details and start preparing your federal excise tax return. When you’re reporting a Zero Liability Return, you just have to pay $29.99 as the efile service fee and report it with the IRS. When you have to report and pay the Quarterly Excise Taxes you would be charged with $49.99 for a single category return, when you have to do a multiple category return it is just $79.99 and straight forward pricing. No hidden fee or any transaction fee on top of it. and electronic filing

Electronic filing is the best possible way to file a tax return without getting out of your comfort zone. No need to visit IRS office or no need to book appointments and walk-in to make the tax payments. Provided the situation outside with the pandemic you can very well manage the tax return online from anywhere anytime. is a world class website with all needed security setups to manage and protect your data. We work with the best enterprise cloud service providers with end to end secured channel that monitors and keeps the hacker away with zero down time.

We have our tax experts by your side to guide you and walk you through the process screen by screen and make you feel comfortable while you report and pay your Quarterly Federal Excise tax returns at We’re there at 866 – 245 – 3918 and

Choose electronic filing to report and pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax using IRS Tax Form 2290 on your highway vehicles. May 32 is the due date for vehicles first used in April 2021 since the start of the tax period July 2020 through June 2021. This is a pro rated or partial period tax on the heavy vehicles reported to the IRS for vehicles that is used for the first time after July 2021.