Today April 30 Due Date For First Quarter Federal Excise Tax Reporting

The electronic filing platform have seen a consistent growth over the years and now this is the most preferred method to report and pay the Federal Taxes. The electronic filing also leads the taxpayers to directly report and pay the taxes with the IRS. The situation due to pandemic has pushed the taxpayers towards electronic filing. is a pioneer in handling Quarterly Excise Tax returns since 2007, infact the only website that supports electronic filing for all the Federal Excise Tax Forms at one place.

April 30 – Due Date – Form 720 Taxes

The Quarterly Excise Taxes reported by the businesses that deals with a service or trade goods that has a excise tax attached to it. This has to be collected from the buyers or from the users who get the service from these businesses and paid to the IRS using FET Form 720. This is a quarterly tax and reported at end of the quarter.

The first quarter of 2021 taxes falls due this April 30, Today and you have less than 24 hours to get it reported and paid to the IRS. Electronic filing is a saviour for many business that has to deal with these taxes. It gives them the opportunity to handle these taxes by themselves, eFile it directly with the IRS, Save a large portion of the Tax Preparation fee. and the Search Ends Here!

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The Form 2290 – Federal Vehicle Use Tax reporting on your Heavy Highway Vehicle that is first used in March 2021 falls due for the Pro Rated or Partial Period 2290 Taxes. Choose eFiling and receive your IRS Watermarked Schedule 1 proof instantly. Economic and Most Trusted by Truckers since 2007.