Tomorrow is the last date to e-file pro-rated form 2290 for February used heavy vehicles!

Hello, truckers! would like to remind you that tomorrow is the last date to report form 2290 truck taxes for February used heavy vehicles on a pro-rated basis. We call out to all truckers and trucking taxpayers with heavy vehicles or trucks recently purchased or first used in the month of February 2023 to e-file form 2290 at once and get the IRS schedule 1 copy in We provide a convenient online platform to e-file form 2290 HVUT directly to the IRS and get the instant schedule 1 copy directly to your registered email.

As the deadline is on tomorrow, e-filing pro-rated form 2290 truck taxes in is the best method to stay ahead of the deadline and get the schedule 1 copy on time to smoothly operate your February used trucks on the public highways.

Every trucker must file form 2290 for their heavy vehicles!

Truckers and trucking taxpayers must pay and report form 2290 truck taxes for their taxable heavy vehicles. They must have a total gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more and be estimated to travel more than 5,000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural vehicles) to fall under the taxable vehicle category. It would be best to remember that logging vehicles are taxed separately based on their total gross weight. Also, truckers must file form 2290 tax reports for heavy vehicles that don’t fall into the taxable vehicle category as tax-suspended vehicles. These suspended vehicles are not eligible for any tax payments.

Pro-rated truck taxes are estimated from the fist used month of your trucks.

Form 2290 truck taxes are calculated based on the heavy vehicles’ first used month. These pro-rated 2290 truck taxes must be estimated from the vehicles’ first used month till the end of the ongoing tax period (June). Therefore, truckers and trucking taxpayers must calculate form 2290 pro-rated tax returns from February to June 2023 and report them to the IRS by the end of this day.

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