Offers Convenient Services for Tax Preparers! is an IRS-approved federal excise taxes online e-filing service provider. We provide a convenient platform to e-file HVUT form 2290, quarterly federal excise tax form 720, refund claims form 8849, and online IFTA tax preparation. Our platform is a complete d-it-yourself interface where you can prepare your tax reports and report them directly to the IRS. Also, our platform has a dedicated portal for tax preparers to e-file federal excise taxes directly to the IRS on behalf of their clients. will be an effective platform for conducting your tax filing business online if you are a tax preparer. You can have all facilities to e-file, maintain and manage all tax records in your profile smoothly.

Manage your tax filing business in one platform.

You can create a profile and manage all your clients under the profile. You can add multiple businesses/clients to your profile, add/edit their details, and handle your clients and their tax records in the same profile. At, you can perform your business and manage all your business/tax records smoothly and effectively. You can access your profile by logging in to your TaxExcise account with your PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablet devices and conduct your tax filing business from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you please.

Special pricing structures and packages for Tax Preparers.

We offer discounted pricing structures and attractive packages for Tax preparers than usual pricing structures for our customers. You can choose your reasonable prices or package from us, serve your clients cost-effectively, and make good profits for yourself. You can know more about this once you register with us (free registration) or contact our customer support team to know more about the prices for Tax Preparers.

Bulk information uploading features.

You can a lot of time by using the ‘Bulk Upload’ option in our platform. You don’t have to enter the vehicle information one by one while e-filing for multiple vehicles at a time. You can use the bulk upload option to enter all the vehicle information at once through an Excel sheet and e-file form 2290 truck taxes for those vehicles. The bulk upload option helps you to accurately e-file your 2290 tax reports without errors.

Get instant fax services and text alerts.

Fax services and text alerts are our add-on services that provide extra facilities to meet your customers’ needs. You can opt for our fax services to get a copy of IRS acceptance forms like schedule 1 copies through fax. Also, you can opt for text alert services to know the status of your tax reports with the IRS. Both services will highly benefit you by providing prompt tax services.

Unlimited information and record keeping.

You can manage all your business and client information, tax records, acceptance forms, and much more in your profile’s dashboard. We offer free unlimited record keeping, and you can access all your tax records in your dashboard and get them any time you want.

Create sub-user accounts for your team.

You can divide your workload among your team members and carry out business efficiently. You can create other user accounts under your profile on You can add any number of associates to your profile, and they can e-file tax returns on your behalf by creating new user names.