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Hello taxpayers! We know that preparing the IFTA taxes for your qualified motor vehicles is not easy because it involves lots of calculations based on the trips, mileage, fuel purchase, and consumption of your motor vehicle. Also, the IFTA rates differ from one member jurisdiction to another. Therefore, you must account for many attributes to prepare your IFTA tax reports and file them accurately. And you need to do this for every quarter of the tax year. Check out our exclusive platform where you can accurately prepare your IFTA tax reports online in a few minutes.

Know about IFTA taxes.

IFTA stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement; it is a tax collection agreement among the 48 contiguous States and the 10 Canadian Provinces bordering the United States. This IFTA agreement allows the collecting and redistributing fuel taxes paid by interstate commercial carriers. Also, the IFTA agreement simplifies the fuel tax reporting of commercial carriers when they cross the state and provincial borders of the states and provinces under the agreement.

Prepare and report IFTA every quarter.

IFTA taxpayers should estimate and prepare their IFTA tax reports based on the member jurisdiction’s regulations. Then, they must file the tax reports quarterly to their base jurisdiction and get the proper authorization. You must manually prepare your taxes based on the trip, mileage, and fuel consumption of your IFTA tax-qualified motor vehicles and paper file the IFTA reports at your base jurisdiction every quarter. You cannot e-file and report your IFTA taxes online directly to your base jurisdiction.

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