IRS Servers are Up Now! Efile and Get your Acknowledgement in Minutes

taxesGood News for all the Excise Tax E-filers! IRS E-file Servers are now Operational and ready to accept and process business Tax returns. The IRS E-file servers were shutdown for year end maintenance like every year by Christmas Eve of 2016. They were expected to be up and running by January 6th, 2017 but there was a slight delay from the IRS end in resuming operations.

Though the IRS servers were down for Maintenance, there were thousands of Excise Tax Returns submitted during the shutdown time. , the only Decade old IRS Authorized E-file service Provider for E-filing Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 took all required precautionary measures to Alert Every Excise Tax Payer about the E-file Shut down through several Emails and Alert messages on the Application. We like every year held all the E-filed Excise tax Returns securely on our servers and released it to the IRS as soon as they resumed Operations.

Our Technical Experts had a huge task ahead of them as soon as the IRS resumed Operations. The Task was to get all the returns processed by the IRS, Our boys were well prepared for the task and they worked round the clock for the past 5 days including the weekend and successfully got all the Pending Tax Returns Processed. At this juncture we would like to thank our every single Client & Customer, for their patience and trust they had on us.

The news now is everything is back to normal & and any Federal Excise Tax return filed through             will be processed within Minutes. Our Tax Experts can be reached for any questions and queries @ 1-866-245-3918 or you can write to them @ .