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Summer has officially begun, and temperatures around the country are already beginning to soar. A lot of attention is required in summer while driving your big rigs. The summer months can be a dangerous time for both the driver and the truck, so it’s important to take heed of these tips for driving in summer.

“Sand And Sun, Summer Has Begun”

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The Heat is On! Take Care.

There’s much more traffic on the road during the summer months, so make sure you’re staying safe on the road and practicing safe driving procedures. Be healthy and have healthy food, Healthy Truckers Means Safer Drivers. Take stock of some important Summer Safety Tips.

Clothing: Wear protective clothing like long sleeves, hats, and sunglasses to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Sunscreen: I know it may seem like a pain, but the best way to prevent skin cancer is by using sunscreen. Lotions rated 15-30 usually block most harmful rays. Apply it on your arms and face before beginning the day.

Window covers: Another option is installing window film on your truck windows to block out some rays. While dark tints are not generally allowed, there are some clear films that still help to block UV rays, like 3M’s Crystalline Automotive Film. Remember to check with your carrier first on whether things like this are allowed or not.

Sun sleeves: A sun sleeve is basically what it sounds like — a sleeve to put over your arm when in the sun to protect it from UV rays.

Staying Hydrated: During the summer, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated, especially if you’re going to be outside for long hauling on busy roads. Staying hydrated will help keep energy levels up out on the road.

Stay Healthy and Safe Trucking. Call us in (866) 245 – 3918 for any support on Form 2290 e-file and we’re just a phone call away.