Form 720 Q1, IFTA, and Form 2290 are due today; Efile now!

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The deadline for Quarterly Federal Excise form 720 First quarter, IFTA first quarter, and Form 2290 pro-rated truck tax for the heavy vehicles first used in March is today! So, taxpayers need to file and report these taxes today to avoid penalties, interests, and late charges. And E-filing is the best and most effective way to report and pay the taxes directly to the IRS at the last minute without any hurdles.  

E-file your Federal Excise Taxes at! is the IRS-approved modern e-filing service provider, especially for federal excise taxes. We offer one-stop solutions to e-file all the federal excise tax form 720, HVUT form 2290, and refund claims form 8849 with all its schedules and IFTA tax preparation. You can e-file your federal excise taxes effectively at at economical prices. We offer this much-needed service at a very pocket-friendly price. All the taxpayers can use to e-file and report their federal excise taxes to the IRS easily to save a lot of time and money.  

The whole federal excise tax e-filing process is simple, efficient, swift, and entirely do-it-yourself. So, the taxpayers don’t need any expert guidance to e-file their federal excise taxes at We have unique features to report the federal excise taxes as per the IRS regulations. We have separate and perfect interfaces to e-file all the federal excise forms like form 720, form 2290, form 8849, and IFTA preparations based on their requirements. The taxpayers can comfortably choose their respective excise tax forms and e-file them conveniently at  

As IRS charges penalties, late charges, and sometimes interests on the tax due payment when you miss out on the tax deadline, offers you smart, safe, and secure solutions to e-file your federal excise taxes online to report the taxes within the deadline. So, e-file your federal excise taxes on and stay ahead of your tax deadlines.  

Federal Quarterly Excise Tax Form 720 is due today for the first quarter of 2022! 

The state and federal governments charge excise taxes for specific products and services. So, the buyers, sellers, dealers, and business people of those particular products and services are liable to pay their federal excise taxes every quarter of the year using the form 720 to the IRS. If you are a form 720 taxpayer, the last date to file and report your federal excise taxes for the first quarter is today. So, e-file form 720 by choosing your product, service, or business appropriately and get the acknowledgment before the day ends. E-filing form 720 is simple and effective at You can do the e-filing all by yourself as it is a simple DIY process and that too, at a most affordable cost. E-file form 720 at $49.99 at You can also choose our seasonal packages to economically e-file form 720 for all the quarters.  

Form 2290 is due today for the heavy vehicles first used in March 2022! 

IRS charges the form 2290 HVUT for the vehicles that are purchased or used away from the usual tax period (July to June) on a partial period or a pro-rated basis. Form 2290 pro-rated truck taxes are calculated based on the first used month of the vehicle till the end of the tax period. Since March is the first used month of your heavy vehicle, the partial period tax is calculated from March to June 2022. You have to report the form 2290 truck tax to the IRS accordingly and get the schedule 1 copy. You can easily estimate your pro-rated form 2290 truck tax and e-file directly to the IRS at You will get the IRS-approved schedule 1 copy straight to your email in just a few minutes. So, e-file form 2290 HVUT at at just $29.99 per e-file today and stay ahead of your deadline.  

IFTA Tax for the first quarter is due today! 

IFTA tax is important for all truckers to operate heavy vehicles inside and outside the states. The truckers need to report their IFTA taxes every quarter to the state authorities, get the decals and stick them on their vehicles. But you cannot e-file IFTA tax. You must only paper-file your quarterly IFTA tax form to your base jurisdiction. helps you effectively prepare your IFTA tax form online accurately without any mistakes. You can then download the form, print it, and paper-file it to your base jurisdiction in person or through the mail. You can easily prepare your IFTA tax online with us at just $19.99 per quarter, and you can also avail our yearly packages to prepare your IFTA tax forms effectively and economically for all the quarters.   

So, e-file your federal excise taxes at For any queries, support or guidance, please contact our customer support desk at 1-866-245-3918 (toll-free) or write to us at We will assist you with everything you need to successfully e-file your federal excise taxes within the deadline.