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LeadersManaging your business along with filing your tax returns on time is one hell of a Task. www.Taxexcise.com, A BBB accredited E-file service provider comes to your aid by helping you e-file your Excise Taxes Online. Trusted by millions of tax payers across the nation, TaxExcise.com has made E-filing tax returns simple and hassle-free. However, to understand the advantages of choosing taxexcise.com as your E-file service provider, it is mandatory that you understand the advantages of electronic filing over paper filing. Continue reading TaxExcise.com Leaders in E-filing Excise taxes!

IRS Servers are Up Now! Efile and Get your Acknowledgement in Minutes

taxesGood News for all the Excise Tax E-filers! IRS E-file Servers are now Operational and ready to accept and process business Tax returns. The IRS E-file servers were shutdown for year end maintenance like every year by Christmas Eve of 2016. They were expected to be up and running by January 6th, 2017 but there was a slight delay from the IRS end in resuming operations.

Though the IRS servers were down for Maintenance, there were thousands of Excise Tax Returns submitted during the shutdown time. www.taxexcise.com , the only Decade old IRS Authorized E-file service Provider for E-filing Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 took all required precautionary measures to Alert Every Excise Tax Payer about the E-file Shut down through several Emails and Alert messages on the Application. We like every year held all the E-filed Excise tax Returns securely on our servers and released it to the IRS as soon as they resumed Operations. Continue reading IRS Servers are Up Now! Efile and Get your Acknowledgement in Minutes

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TaxExcise.com Wishes you all a very Happy Columbus Day!

columbus-day-1On the Occasion of Columbus Day, when the nation celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas on October 12, 1492, we at TaxExcise.com would like to convey our wishes to all our Clients & Customer, who have supported us to grow this big. With the support of every single Tax Payer who have used Taxexcise.com and its line of products to E-file their Taxes has helped us to grow the same way as America grew to become the United States of America.

The United States of America has grown to become a super power from the day it was discovered by Christopher Columbus, like wise TaxExcise.com has developed, added and started to support E-filing of several Tax forms since its origin in 2007. Below are the Tax Forms that are supported by Think Trade Inc, under the domain name www.Taxexcise.com . Continue reading TaxExcise.com Wishes you all a very Happy Columbus Day!

Facts about IRS Form 8849 Schedule-6

On the racing journey of life, most of us forget small things which include the money owed to us by someone. The reason behind this can be several, but the main reason is ignorance, Lack of adequate knowledge to know and remember that someone owes us our hard earned money.

The robotic life lead by Truckers and folks in trucking industry makes them forget to take their credit from the IRS on the Taxes they paid on their Heavy Vehicles. One such example is, Truckers pay their HVUT every year on their vehicles that has gross weight of 55,000 pounds and above assuming that the vehicle will run 5000 miles or more in the tax year. Taxes can be a maximum of $550.00 on a truck.

Our predictions go wrong most of the times. Assume if the Truck did not run the 5000 miles on a given Tax year, then what happens? The answer is IRS owes you the Tax that you paid on the vehicle. Millions of people file thousands of tax forms to the IRS, so it’s almost impossible to expect the IRS to remember what they owe to the Taxpayers. This doesn’t mean that you have to forget the money the IRS owes you. It’s your right to claim it.

One has to file a Form 8849 Schedule 6 to claim a credit on the Taxes paid to the IRS on a Heavy Highway Used Vehicle. There are three categories on which a claim can be made on this tax Form. Over paid credits, filing tax form 2290 twice on a vehicle for the same tax year. Sold or Destroyed or stolen credits, vehicles that are sold, destroyed or stolen between the tax year on which HVUT has been paid. Low mileage credit, any vehicle that did not run the 5000 miles in a Tax Year qualifies for a refund.

Filing Form 8849 Schedule 6 can be a tedious process; however it has been simplified by the introduction of Electronic Filing of Tax returns. Form 8849 can be filed online within minutes and also gets accepted by the IRS for processing immediately. This is not the only benefit of E-filing 8849 schedule 6; any return that’s filed electronically gets refunded three times faster than the return filed by paper.

Taxexcise.com is a trusted, certified e-file service provider for filing form 8849 Schedule 6. It almost has 100% acceptance ratio on the form 8849. Fill in your wallets by claiming your credit, still have questions call Taxexcise.com at 1-866-245-3918 or write to support@taxexcise.com