Happy Holidays from TaxExcise.com. Let’s Keep the Spirit of the Season Rolling!

From sparkling ornaments to a simple mug of hot cocoa, every festive treat finds its way to our tables, thanks to the tireless dedication of our beloved truckers. They put in long hours on treacherous roads and unpredictable weather to ensure all stores are filled with gifts to make all kids and adults happy in this holiday season. Their hard work and sacrifice allow us to celebrate every holiday season with marvelous feasts and unwrapping gifts. For all of that, we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

So, this holiday season, let’s raise a toast to the truckers who keep the wheels of merrymaking turning. Here’s to their unwavering commitment, their resilience, and the spirit of adventure that keeps them going. At TaxExcise.com, we understand the challenges truckers face. We’re dedicated to making their lives easier, offering online tax filing resources specifically tailored to their needs. Let us be your pit stop on the road to success, providing convenience and support to report your HVUT returns to the IRS.

The IRS is Shutting Down for Maintenance.

The IRS will be closed for maintenance on December 26, 2023, and they will reopen only during the first week of January 2024. Therefore, we request all taxpayers to file their pending tax reports with the IRS before December 26th and get the proper acknowledgment from the IRS before they close for maintenance. So, if you are looking to report your Form 2290 or Form 720 or claim for any refunds using Form 8849, do what is necessary and e-file them before the IRS goes for its downtime. In this way, you can get things done as soon as possible and stay away from possible IRS actions for failing to meet the deadlines.

Pro-rated Form 2290 Tax Reports are due for November used Vehicles.

Form 2290 HVUT returns are due on a pro-rated basis for the heavy vehicles or trucks first used in November 2023 by the end of this month. Since the IRS is closing for maintenance on the 26th, truckers must report and pay their pro-rated form 2290 truck taxes before this date and get the IRS official schedule 1 copy on time.

E-file your Tax Reports Now!

TaxExcise.com is an IRS-approved modernized online tax filing service provider where taxpayers can conveniently e-file federal excise taxes online and get instant approval from the IRS. Our platform is the one-stop solution for e-filing truck tax Form 2290, quarterly federal excise tax Form 720, tax refund claims Form 8849, and online IFTA tax preparation. We make all the complicated parts of tax preparations, tax reports filing, and tax due payments simple, accessible, and comfortable. You must choose the appropriate tax forms, categories, sections, and parts for your product, service, or business. Then, you can easily prepare tax reports by entering the correct information, uploading all supporting documents, and transmitting them to the IRS in a single click. After that, the IRS will process your tax reports and instantly send you the acceptance to your registered email address. Also, you can pay the tax dues through IRS-approved online tax payment methods. TaxExcise.com supports all IRS-approved online tax-due payment gateways like EFTPS, EFWs, and credit/debit cards, or you can even e-file your tax form online and pay your tax dues by sending a check or money order to the IRS.

From all of us at TaxExcise.com, Happy Holidays!