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Happy 4th of July Trucking Nation!

Every American soul around the globe is celebrating our national birthday with grills blazing, fireworks bursting, parades and readings of the Declaration of Independence. We www.TaxExcise.com / www.Tax2290.com – Products of ThinkTrade Inc., would like to Wish Every Single Trucking Industry Folk around the nation, who strive hard to move the Nation to Glory a happy 4th of July.

Today as all the 9 to 5 workers, sit in our gardens with a beer can and having fun with our loved ones, we have forgotten the unsung heroes who made this day possible for us. Not those great warriors who fought for us because we never forget them. We are talking about TRUCKERS who are away from their loved ones even now and missing every bit of fun. Continue reading Happy 4th of July Trucking Nation!

Last Day to file your Taxes & Last day to redeem your Halloween Discount!

www.Tax2290.com & www.TaxExcise.com – Products of ThinkTrade Inc. wishes you all a happy and fulfilled Halloween. ThinkTrade Inc. Never fails to treat every single law Abiding Tax payer who uses its line of products to report or E-file their Taxes. Today is the Deadline to prepare and File three tax forms that can be easily done through www.Tax2290.com & www.TaxExcise.com .

Less than 24 hours left to prepare and report or E-file three tax forms through application hosted by ThinkTrade Inc. There are thousands of tax payers who will use our application to report and e-file these tax forms today. Since Its Halloween we have decided to treat every tax payer who files his/her tax Form through us today. An Unbelievable Flat 10% OFF on the E-file Preparation fee VALID ONLY TILL MIDNIGHT TODAY. Use promo Code “HALLOWEEN17” to Avail this Amazing Offer.

Taxes that are due today: Continue reading Last Day to file your Taxes & Last day to redeem your Halloween Discount!