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IFTA Fuel Tax for 2nd Quarter is Due this July 31st.

Every trucker operating inter state and intrastate carriers must file IFTA fuel taxes. IFTA is an agreement among American states and Canadian jurisdictions that enables uniform collection and distribution of fuel taxes paid by motor carriers traveling in several jurisdictions. It is a voluntary program. The 2nd Quarter filing is due now, act fast and file it before July 31st.

Carriers that regularly travel in other provinces or states and purchase fuel in one jurisdiction, but use the fuel in another jurisdiction, will benefit. IFTA membership allows the carrier to significantly reduce the paperwork and compliance burden for fuel tax reporting. A carrier licensed under IFTA is required to submit only one quarterly fuel tax return to its base jurisdiction, where it is registered. Continue reading IFTA Fuel Tax for 2nd Quarter is Due this July 31st.

Hot Summer Deal, 15% off on your 2290 Tax Prefile Return!

Summer has officially begun, and temperatures around the country are already beginning to soar. A lot of attention is required in summer while driving your big rigs. The summer months can be a dangerous time for both the driver and the truck, so it’s important to take heed of these tips for driving in summer.

“Sand And Sun, Summer Has Begun”

Someone quoted “Life Without Love Is Like A Year Without Summer”, This is Summer and will be Hot, Hot, Hot!!! We’re coming out with a Hot Deal Too. One reason to cheer…. Apply code “HISUMMER16” and avail flat 15% off from your e-file fee, valid till 26th June.

Prefile IRS HVUT Form 2290 NOW! It’s Time to Renew Form 2290 and Schedule -1 copy for the new tax year beginning July 2016. You can now PREFILE and collect your stamped Schedule -1 proof by 1st week of July when IRS completes processing your 2290 returns.

Prefiling is filing IRS Truck Tax Form 2290 returns earlier with us and we’ll get it processed with the IRS once they are back and operations. Prefile is just filing and pay your taxes only in July. You can be a 1st to claim your Form 2290 and Schedule 1 with the IRS once they start accepting returns for TY 2016. Another reason is to avail this Summer Offer, 15% off on your E-file Fee. Continue reading Hot Summer Deal, 15% off on your 2290 Tax Prefile Return!

Less Than 24 hrs To File 2290 Taxes Online With

Welcome back truckers hope you are doing well. Truck Tax season for the year 2015-16 is coming an end on Monday, 31st August 2015. With that, tax filing for the period will end and if you haven’t paid your tax return, or not planning to file before Monday, you will have to deal with penalties and interest for filing late. As you delay your tax filing, the interest will keep adding on and it will be very difficult to pay it on whole. So it is better to file and report form 2290 online with ease, even during wee hours with exceptional customer support from our end to help you with anything and everything related to efiling.

Additionally, we are living in an era where everything seems to be right, but deep down, there is some mystery hidden. And to unleash the hideous mystery, you need to read through the world’s user manual to find out the authentic and real efiling service provider. However, you don’t have to run around to search for the best efile service provider since is available here to serve you with the right application with the right features already developed and maintained for further use.  And if you are not willing to efile through your desktop version and you are not returning home anytime sooner, we have a good news for you too. You can make use of our simple yet effective efiling mobile app available for Android and iPhone platform for free. So next time you are traveling around the city and the due date is nearing, you know what to do! Simply download our app, efile your tax return and submit it to the IRS like you always do.

Wait for a minute of two, you will receive a notification that your schedule1 copy is emailed to your email ID and if would have subscribed for Text Alert and Fax Copy, you will be receiving the same within minutes of your form submission and transition. And to make things even easier, we offer 24/7 emergency email support.

As you can tell, we are proud to say that is stands as the top efile service provider, having every customer requirement in the list. And we’re leaders in the e-file industry to boot, partnered with some of the largest trucking associations and companies in the nation. If you need any help with the e-file process, then our dedicated support legends are always here for you.

All you have to do is give them a call at or send them email for immediate support. And remember there’s only 24 hours left to e-file before penalties. So don’t delay, e-file today and leave behind the penalties and interest. We don’t want them, do you?

5 Tips You Will Thank Us For During Pre Filing Season 2015-16

With a wink of an eye, the tax season will be here. And even before we knew, the pre filing season has already dropped into our calendars. With the HVUT pre filing season approached, we found out that more and more taxpayers are swinging with questions about what to do and how to even pre file in the first place. And that’s what we are here for!

We are going to talk about the 5 tips that will help you in pre filing form 2290 this renewal season 2015-16.

  1. Get Your EIN At The Earliest:

Since the pre filing season has already dropped in, we advice our taxpayers get their EIN at the earliest. It is the most important document of your tax filing, and takes almost 10 days of time for the IRS to activate your number, and only then, you can efile your tax return. Since pre filing has already started and would last till the end of June, make haste and get your EIN!

Only after your EIN is processed, you will know the exact business name associated with your EIN account, in order to file a tax return online with TaxExcise. However, if you have misplaced or forgotten the name associated with your EIN, you can call IRS EIN Hotline at 1.800.829.4933 to verify, and then keep it safe because it is imperative to your tax-filing success!

  1. Know Your Vehicles:

The next thing after EIN to obtain success with your filed tax return form 2290 for 2015-16, is to understand your vehicles. We are not talking about the weight and the first use date- even though you definitely need to know that as well- we are talking about understanding the type of vehicle.

There are four types of vehicles filed via form 2290, and it is important to understand your category to file, which would in return make a huge difference on your BANK ACCOUNT!

  • Heavy Vehicles: A heavy vehicle is any other vehicle, weighing 55,000 lbs or more, that has driven over the 5,000-mile limit. For these vehicles, you file your Form 2290 as normal and pay your heavy vehicle use tax.
  • Suspended Vehicles: These vehicles are any heavy vehicle or agricultural vehicle, which is driven under the mileage limit of 5,000 miles a year. For heavy vehicles, this limit is 5,000 and for agricultural vehicles, this limit is 7,500. You don’t have to file pay any tax to the IRS, however, you need to keep IRS informed about your suspension. And if your vehicle was filed as taxable vehicle and by the end of the year, it didn’t cross more than 5,000 miles, you are eligible for a refund.
  • Agricultural Vehicle: When we talk about agricultural vehicles, they are any heavy vehicle used for farming or agriculture. These vehicles are limited to be driven up to 7,500 miles on public highways until they are no longer considered suspended, at which time, HVUT is due.
  • Logging: Logging vehicles are those, which are used to transport forest materials within or from a foresting site or a vehicle, which moves forested materials from one site to another. With logging vehicles, companies and drivers alike are eligible to pay less tax for the tax year. So if you drive a logging truck, make sure you specify when you’re e-filing!
  1. Keep Accurate Records:

Besides your EIN and knowing your types of vehicles, keeping accurate records is the most important part of pre filing.

You are held responsible to maintain accurate trip logs, especially if your vehicle falls under the agricultural vehicle or as a suspended vehicle. You will need to prove to the IRS that you went under 7,500 and 5,000 miles, respectively, during the tax year. However, if you find yourself in need of some help to maintain your truck records, why don’t you try a hand with business management programs specially designed for transportation businesses?

  1. Rely on Our Tax Experts:

Filing your tax isn’t easy, but we can make it easy. When it comes down to it, we understand that you probably have lot of questions about how HVUT regulations. This is where the support legends come in for rescue!

At TaxExcise we have the best support team, handpicked and well trained in the industry. And they’re available all year long in order to make your tax experience that much easier. So if you find yourself juggling with unanswered questions, you can rely on our tax experts for assistance. Because we understand that tax questions never take a break, so neither should we!

  1. Choose Pre Filing And Don’t Forget The Coupon Code:

When you are pre filing form 2290 online with Taxexcise, a prime product of ThinkTrade, you can avail 10 % discount on our service fee by applying coupon code “KICKSTART15” at the checkout!

Continue to stay ahead of the game with! If you find yourself with questions, comments, or concerns, we’re here for you with 24/7 support in English! So give us a call during the business hours at 1-866-245-3918, or send us an email at anytime, day or night!

Happy pre filing, Truckers!

Facts About Driving a Big Truck

Welcome to our blog. Today, we are going to talk about some facts about the big rig you see every now and then on the highway. If you are the one interested in driving the big truck, you’ll need to study for and obtain a CDL, or commercial driver’s license, in order to drive the truck legally. If you don’t have experience of any kind driving a truck, it’s necessary you receive the required training at a truck driving school. This blog will tell you what the industry expects out of you and what you should be expecting in return. We will give you an overview of the amount of driving that is required, the type of pay to expect, the minimum age requirements and general terminology are essential before you contact a school or consider driving a big rig as a career. Continue reading Facts About Driving a Big Truck