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Exclusive Offer on IRS Form 2290 E-filing for ATA Members!

The Only Decade Old IRS Authorized E-file service Provider for E-filing Heavy Vehicle use Tax Form 2290, / – Products of ThinkTrade Inc is proud to announce its relationship with American Trucking Associations for almost a Decade now. The American Trucking Associations, founded in 1933, is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry. / – Products of ThinkTrade Inc has joined hands with ATA as an Allied Member to serve the Trucking Community in all possible ways. We are the First Ever IRS Authorized E-file Service Provider For E-filing HVUT; E-filing saves a lot of Time and hard earned money for Truckers and Trucking Companies. Continue reading Exclusive Offer on IRS Form 2290 E-filing for ATA Members!

Less Than 24 hrs To File 2290 Taxes Online With

Welcome back truckers hope you are doing well. Truck Tax season for the year 2015-16 is coming an end on Monday, 31st August 2015. With that, tax filing for the period will end and if you haven’t paid your tax return, or not planning to file before Monday, you will have to deal with penalties and interest for filing late. As you delay your tax filing, the interest will keep adding on and it will be very difficult to pay it on whole. So it is better to file and report form 2290 online with ease, even during wee hours with exceptional customer support from our end to help you with anything and everything related to efiling.

Additionally, we are living in an era where everything seems to be right, but deep down, there is some mystery hidden. And to unleash the hideous mystery, you need to read through the world’s user manual to find out the authentic and real efiling service provider. However, you don’t have to run around to search for the best efile service provider since is available here to serve you with the right application with the right features already developed and maintained for further use.  And if you are not willing to efile through your desktop version and you are not returning home anytime sooner, we have a good news for you too. You can make use of our simple yet effective efiling mobile app available for Android and iPhone platform for free. So next time you are traveling around the city and the due date is nearing, you know what to do! Simply download our app, efile your tax return and submit it to the IRS like you always do.

Wait for a minute of two, you will receive a notification that your schedule1 copy is emailed to your email ID and if would have subscribed for Text Alert and Fax Copy, you will be receiving the same within minutes of your form submission and transition. And to make things even easier, we offer 24/7 emergency email support.

As you can tell, we are proud to say that is stands as the top efile service provider, having every customer requirement in the list. And we’re leaders in the e-file industry to boot, partnered with some of the largest trucking associations and companies in the nation. If you need any help with the e-file process, then our dedicated support legends are always here for you.

All you have to do is give them a call at or send them email for immediate support. And remember there’s only 24 hours left to e-file before penalties. So don’t delay, e-file today and leave behind the penalties and interest. We don’t want them, do you?

Enjoy Independence Day Tax Filing Offer With TaxExcise

The pre filing season just ended yesterday, and the real tax season has knocked our doors today. If you have not pre filed or missed a VIN while pre filing form 2290 for the year 2015-16, you are at the right place. Even though it’s not pre filing, you can avail 10% discount on efiling service fee by applying coupon code “FREEDOM15” only at The offer is applicable from today, i.e. 1st of July, till 5th of July.

And if you are wondering why are we supporting back to back offers, well, we have no specific reason for the same. We know how much you love discounts and being Independence Day on 4th of July, we are celebrating with a hint of discounts.

4th July is the day when United States of America cherishes its freedom. Though it is 239th freedom celebration, the feel never dies. Even today, the day is treasured with fireworks, parades, and holiday for kids, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Coming back to filing form 2290, vehicles that carry more than 55,000 pounds and drive on the public highway fall under the category of filing form 2290. It is believed that heavy vehicle used tax collected are directly funded in the maintenance of the roads as they cause most of the damage to the road. These vehicles are called taxable vehicles.

Since 4th of July is declared as a Federal Holiday, IRS would not be accepting form 2290, however, you can come over and efile your tax return with us and avail the discount. You will receive your schedule 1 copy by the next business day. We would keep the return in our server record and transmit to IRS when it starts accepting HVUT. We assure your return is safe at our end.

There Are Few Added Advantages Of Filing With TaxExcise:

  • One time registration
  • File in your return less than 10 minutes
  • Get your tax calculated by our in built calculator
  • Error check
  • Receive your schedule 1 copy in another minute
  • Avail full service option with
  • Avoid the virtual traffic taking place
  • File it from anywhere, any time
  • Tax2290 Android/ iPhone App for authentic filing
  • Constant support from Tax Experts on queries

Last but the least, you can avail 10% on efiling service fee by applying coupon code “FREEDOM15” while filing form 2290 for the year 2015-16.

Also, do note, if you own more than 25 heavy vehicles, you should pay and file your taxes online through Now what are you waiting for? We have given the reason; it’s your turn to fill in the obligations.

TaxExcise is hosting the offer of efiling form 2290 service fee at a discounted rate. You can also count on our Tax Experts for any queries and questions. You can expect immediate response. Reach us @ 1-866-245-3918 or simply write your thoughts to Immediate assistance is assured. – The Ultimate Service Provider for Tax Preparers

If you are a tax preparer and want to grow your business, then read this blog to know how.

With every tax filing season approaching near handling the paperwork is not easy. Additionally, this can give room to errors with less chances of submitting accurately filed excise tax returns. To grow your business and create a positive impression on your clients there are IRS authorized e-file service providers. It is advisable to do research and rely on the right e-file service provider. Continue reading – The Ultimate Service Provider for Tax Preparers

Let’s Measure Our Love

Nothing could be rated down than slipping a love-wrapped gift to your better half. You might be in love or in a relationship. May be married even! The timely gift speaks your love for her/him. Romantic time in your life comes often. Let’s make this Feb-14, a little more special. Being well-wisher of truckers, we can simply feel your rough task to roam around the city. How bad it would be missing your loved one. Why can’t you make much outta this day? We know when it comes to money or relationship, you will choose relationship. Yes! Relationships are important too.

If your valentine stays home (Gifts for women):

Do take some little time to know what’s going on her life, when you are away from home. Check out whether she has proper food diet, while she misses you. Realize the efforts she puts in to bring up your children on her own. Know her wishes and take this chance to fulfill them.

Some gift ideas:

  • A hand-written letter, closer to her heart.
  • Candies & chocolates
  • A beautiful dress that she love to wear
  • Booking for a relaxing spa or a romantic movie
  • Personalized gifts like photo printed Tees, photo frames and coffee cup
  • A candle light dinner

We personally don’t believe in gifting flowers or candies to women. Not all the women love flowers. Some may treasure it, while others look for some expensive kinda gift. So open your purse at least now!

These gifts could be attractive. But remember no gift would be greater than your presence.

If your valentine trucks (Gifts for men):

Before you make any plan for this day, just think off how your true love suffers all the time in huge traffic, irritating noise from blowing horns, driving long hours gearing it apt for winter etc., Get to know his pains. Now your mind says, “Let me ease his pain by showering loads of love” And it is valid to plan for the day.

  • Present him an all new love-photo of you couples that could make him think of him at anytime he sees that.
  • Prepare a special meal on the day. It’s better to bake something he preferably likes.
  • If he has to run behind the wheel, then pack those dishes shaping up them in to heart form. In times, it may even end up in the shape of lungs or liver. Doesn’t matter!! Love that counts J
  • A music player gift, Old idea but still makes perfect sense. Utility matters
  • You might belong to any community. Get your god’s perfect love book, which would not be a trouble to carry along trucking.

God’s perfect love books!

In the mean time, make some ample time love your country too. Pay taxes on time or file an extension to avoid penalties. Happy e-filing!