Typos on your Form 2290 can be corrected by Filing VIN Correction!

When you have Vehicle identification number (VIN) of up to 17 characters with numbers and alphabets, mistakes tend to happen. For example, you type 5 instead of S. Let’s say that you file form 2290 and pay $550 to IRS and receive your Stamped Schedule 1 you take it to the DMV and then you realize that the Schedule 1 has the wrong VIN. What do you do?

Thanks to the IRS and Tax2290.com, for introducing VIN correction using form 2290 amendment in 2009, a couple of years after introducing E-filing for Form 2290. If you make a mistake in VIN, you can send an amended Form 2290 to IRS and get the Schedule 1 corrected. But the bad news was that VIN Correction on Form 2290 can’t be E-filed, it must be printed and mailed in. It took 4-6 weeks to get the corrected Schedule 1 from IRS. All this changed in 2011, when Tax2290.com, working with IRS, started to E-File VIN Corrections and was able to get the corrected Schedule 1 in minutes

Adding to it Tax2290.com  included additional features like Text Alert and faxed copy of the Schedule 1. A busy trucker cannot afford to stay online always the Text alert feature when opted, sends an automated update to the assigned mobile number about the status of the form 2290 filed with Tax2290.com. Likewise the Fax option when opted will fax the stamped Schedule 1 copy to the assigned fax number as soon as the IRS accepts the return.

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