Truckers, Your Friend In Need Behind The Wheels: Truck Dispatchers

It is true that trucking industry is totally relied on good truckers, their dedication and the commitment. Though they act as the glue of the industry, dispatchers are the backbone of the trucking company. Without them, drivers would be at a loss, so would these dispatchers.

It’s not like the company would not run efficiently without dispatchers, but it would run more successfully by hiring one. They do real good to the company and their drivers, though. However, depending on the trucking company size, truck dispatchers are hired. Many big trucking companies hire a team of dispatchers who are typically assigned to handle different geographic territories.

When one dispatcher receives a call requesting trucking service and related information, the other dispatcher calls the fleet to arrange a new or pick up or delivery. Usually, the contact is via cell phones, walkie-talkies or other interactive electronic devices.

When we talk about small scale trucking business, there is usually only one trucking dispatcher, who takes care of these miscellaneous tasks and handles it smoothly.

While talking about their profiles, they simply don’t become truck dispatchers. They need to have good knowledge about trucking, geographical locations, presence of mind and good communication skills. They are simply add-on when they schedule drivers for a pick up or delivery from vendors and clients.

These need to maintain records, keep an eye on both the drivers in relation to their remaining hours of service, monitoring driver’s daily log for the hours of service and also checking on equipments as to its availability.

The dispatcher normally communicates with truck drivers throughout their trips to monitor their progress and address any issues that may arise as they drive toward their destinations. They need to direct and monitor the movement of trucks and freights, may be local or regional truck, traversing a large vicinity or country.

Also, the dispatcher should always have clear update about the weather they’re driving in and monitor their journey for betterment.

Apart from the mentioned roles and responsibilities above, she/he is also in charge of resolving any issues like mechanical problems with trucks, delays due to traffic or weather challenges or changes requested by the customer regarding times or locations and serve as the link and get the work done on the requested time or earlier.

What is required to become a Truck Dispatcher?

As mentioned above, traits are many but a dispatcher should have at least a high school diploma or GED to apply for this post. However, if you possess a degree in transportation or logistics, will be add-on to the post.

The next thing in the list is you need to be open to learn and adapt yourself with the company specific computer programs, adding ease to your routine.

However, I also like to mention, to be a good dispatcher, you need to be highly organized and handle stress with ease. You grow along with the company’s growth, so do your best and sustain your dignity.

On a conclusive note, Job of a Truck dispatcher is a stepping stone in your career, and with the grace of time, you never know you might become the manager or a trucker yourself!

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