Exceptional Thanksgiving Offer for Excise Tax Filers

Halloween has just gone by and thanksgiving is round the corner, it’s almost time to prepare for the thanksgiving party. With only few days left, it is good to start the preparations from now on. Moreover, it is a good time for truckers to spend time with their family and share their stories on the road. Besides, a small family get together can make their day special and memorable. To make it more special for them, TaxExcise.com announces a special Thanksgiving offer for excise tax filers having to file HVUT and other excise taxes before November 30.

Going around every shop you come across the discounted price tag? How about getting discount on filing excise tax return too? Of course, as we all know, vehicles used on the road for the first time in October should file the tax return before the due date i.e. November 30. Filing tax return with TaxExcise.com can help tax filers save some dollars for their Thanksgiving celebration. Whether form 2290, 720, 8849, or IFTA here’s a chance to file it at a discounted price. If you are already late in filling any of the excise tax forms, you have to pay penalties and interests but choosing us to file can help you save money on the online filing fees.

This Thanksgiving, it’s raining discounts and TaxExcise.com lacks nowhere behind. We are here to serve tax filers with 20% discount on their tax filing fees, surely a great way to save money. This Thanksgiving, it is not only Turkey that’s going to smell but it’s going to be more than that. Tax filers interested in using the discount should file it from 25th – 30th Dec, 2013. Moreover, they are required to apply the coupon code ‘TURKEY 2013’ to avail the discount. Grab this chance and save some dollars before it expires.

Filing excise taxes online saves time and filing with Taxexcise.com helps you save money. As a token of gratitude towards our tax filers we have come up with a Thanksgiving offer for them – a flat 20% discount on all their excise tax e filing fee. Rendering quality service since years, we have improved ourselves and feel proud to be one among the best. Choose us for a smooth tax filing experience. For any queries and suggestions, reach us at +1 (866) 245-3918 or send a mail to support@taxexcise.com, we are all ears!