Today is the last date to report form 720 for the quarter and pro-rated form 2290 HVUT.

Dear taxpayers, would like to remind you that today is the last date to report your federal excise tax form 720 for the fourth quarter. You must report form 720 tax returns for your business/service/product that comes under the federal excise tax form 720 and get the acceptance from the IRS within the end of this day.

Similarly, today is the last date to e-file form 2290 highway heavy vehicle use tax on a pro-rate or partial period basis for December 2022 used trucks. Truckers and trucking taxpayers must estimate form 2290 truck taxes for their December used heavy vehicles, report the tax returns, pay the tax dues and get the IRS stamped schedule 1 receipt within today.

Today is the last date to report form 720 for the fourth quarter!

The federal government imposes quarterly excise taxes on certain products and services. The taxes are paid every quarter of the tax year by the users, owners, dealers, and importers of the particular products and services to the IRS through the federal excise form 720. You need to identify the category or line in which your service/product in form 720 and report the taxes accordingly. As the deadline to report your federal excise taxes for the fourth and final quarter of the tax year is today, you must file form 720 quarterly excise taxes to the IRS and get the acceptance within the end of this day!

Today is the last date to report pro-rated form 2290 for December 2022 used trucks!

Pro-rated truck taxes are calculated based on the first used month of the heavy vehicle. It is estimated from the vehicle’s first used month to the end of the current tax period. The deadline to report form 2290 on a pro-rated basis is the end of the following month of the vehicle’s first used month. Since you first used your heavy vehicle or truck in December 2022, you must report form 2290 tax returns by the end of this January, which is today. You must calculate the 2290 tax dues from December 2022 to June 2023, pay them accordingly, and get the proper schedule 1 copy from the IRS to operate your trucking business smoothly.

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