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Hurry Up, Truckers! Today is the last date to file your form 2290 HVUT to the IRS for this tax period, 2022-2023. You must report your form 2290 HVUT returns for this tax period today to avoid any actions from the IRS for not reporting your truck taxes on time. As the last date is today, you don’t have to waste time looking to paper file your tax returns. E-file form 2290 online at right now and get the instant IRS schedule 1 copy directly to your registered email ID. You can then print it and use it as proof of form 2290 tax payment. Schedule 1 copy is mandatory to operate your heavy vehicles on public highways. If not, you will run into problems with the concerned authorities. Also, schedule 1 copy is essential for your vehicle’s registration, license renewals, insurance, etc.

E-filing form 2290 is the best way to report your HVUT returns!

Therefore, e-filing form 2290 at is an effective means to report your 2290 truck taxes to the IRS as the time is going to be up. Also, IRS made electronic filing mandatory for the truckers reporting form 2290 truck taxes for 25 heavy vehicles and more. Therefore, truckers must e-file form 2290 online through an IRS-approved form 2290 e-filing service provider for every tax season. Also, the IRS encourages all truckers, including owner-operators, to e-file form 2290 online, even for a single heavy vehicle, because the form 2290 e-filing process is smooth, accurate, and less time-consuming.

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