Reminder: Excise Tax Form 720 Is Due by April 29th 2016

Dear Excise tax filers, how are you doing? Today we are here to remind you all to file form 720 for the First quarter of 2016 which is due by April 29th.

The Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return is used to file and pay excise tax due on the quarterly basis. Companies dealing with communication or environmental related business are required to file excise tax to the federal government. In addition, companies dealing with the sale of gasoline, tobacco, or services included indoor tanning may be required by law to file an excise tax return.

The form is divided into part I and II, dealing with its respective liabilities. However, you need to check through and understand the requirements framed for each business. The taxes are calculated on varied grounds for each of the service or product, so ensure you are clear in your math or IRS would simply reject your form 720.

As form 720 does not support any extension of time or payment, you are liable to file your return on time or you would be paying with penalties. You have 15 days in hand to get your return filed, however, ensure you are set with the documents to be filed on or before April 29th 2016.

If you are wondering, how you should be filing your excise tax form 720, we are here to help:

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