IFTA Fuel Tax for 2nd Quarter is Due this July 31st.

Every trucker operating inter state and intrastate carriers must file IFTA fuel taxes. IFTA is an agreement among American states and Canadian jurisdictions that enables uniform collection and distribution of fuel taxes paid by motor carriers traveling in several jurisdictions. It is a voluntary program. The 2nd Quarter filing is due now, act fast and file it before July 31st.

Carriers that regularly travel in other provinces or states and purchase fuel in one jurisdiction, but use the fuel in another jurisdiction, will benefit. IFTA membership allows the carrier to significantly reduce the paperwork and compliance burden for fuel tax reporting. A carrier licensed under IFTA is required to submit only one quarterly fuel tax return to its base jurisdiction, where it is registered.

2nd Quarter IFTA Tax Filing is due now

The single return covers the distance traveled in all IFTA jurisdictions, rather than the carrier being required to complete separate fuel tax returns for each jurisdiction. Each base jurisdiction then refunds or collects the net fuel tax for all member jurisdictions.

You must file an IFTA return for each calendar quarter. Each return is due at the end of the month following the quarter being reported. For the 2nd Quarter it is due this July 31st and prepare your IFTA fuel tax returns online at http://TaxIFTA.com