Don’t get caught in last-minute tension; E-file your taxes even if the IRS is closed for maintenance!

Hello taxpayers! The new year has started, and you might be wondering when the IRS will be back online to process your tax returns. The deadline for Form 720 and IFTA taxes for the fourth quarter is approaching soon, so you might look for a way to stay ahead of the deadline amidst the IRS downtime. Don’t worry is there for you, as usual, to support you in this challenging and confusing time. You can still prepare your Form 720 tax reports for the fourth quarter on our platform and submit the tax returns with us. We will hold them with us in our secured system and will forward them to the IRS once they finally emerge from their shutdown slumber. This way, you can stay way ahead of the deadline, avoid last-minute tension, and get the necessary acknowledgements at the earliest.

Similarly, the IFTA tax deadline for the fourth quarter is also approaching at the end of this month. However, the federal government doesn’t allow online filing of IFTA taxes. Still, you can prepare your IFTA tax reports online with 100% accuracy in our platform and paper file the ‘Ready to file’ pdf copy at your base jurisdiction on or before the deadline.

Your Tax Returns are 100% safe with us.

Don’t let the IRS downtime be an excuse to procrastinate on your tax preparation. If you have time on your hands, spend a little time preparing your taxes on to avoid any last-minute tension or mishaps. We assure you that your tax reports are 100% safe with us. We will transmit them to the IRS once they are back online. Also, your tax returns will beat the crowd because the IRS works on a first-come, first-served basis. As many of the taxpayers will be waiting till the IRS opens for business, your tax reports will be processed ahead.

Beat the deadline with as your ally!

The deadline to submit Form 720 reports and IFTA taxes for the fourth quarter is January 31, 2024. You must be proactive in reporting your taxes on time because you have less than a month. Also, you have the golden opportunity with to beat the deadline with is an IRS-approved modernized online tax e-filing service provider. You can easily e-file Form 720 in all the parts and categories for your businesses and services. Since Form 720 is the quarterly excise tax and must be filed/reported every quarter within the deadline, e-filing Form 720 at is the best way to do that. You don’t have to go to the IRS office and paper file every time. You can simply register at for free and e-file form 720 directly to the IRS in a few minutes. We also facilitate all the IRS-approved online tax payment gateways. We ensure the smooth transaction of your tax payments in our highly secure network. For queries and support, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer help desk at 1-866-245-3918 (toll-free) or write to us at; we will reply to you promptly.