“Deadline Alert” FET Form 720 Due TODAY for the fourth quarter 2020

New Year, new challenges, and new deadlines. While the first month of this New Year is just over, we all must have started planning out our game plan. The start of this year also brings us the first deadline for Form 720. This Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return has to be reported by the last day of the month following the calendar quarter, this form is filed every quarter to report taxes imposed on the manufacture, sale or use of a certain type of goods and products and the deadline for the 4th quarter of 2020 is February 1st which is Today. Failure to file or late filing will result in penalties with interest.

Do take note that even though you have no sale to report you will still need to file out a Form 720 by selecting the option for a Zero Return (Zero Tax Liability). This is to keep the IRS informed that you do not have any Excise taxes to report during the quarter.

Away from your desk, currently working from home, and is the upcoming deadline blues getting to you, Look No Further!!

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Note: The IRS offices might not be at your reach, but they’re fully operational to support E-filing and all the returns filed online through our website are being processed by the IRS within minutes.