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Vehicles Filed Through Form 2290- Discover It Here

We are back, trucking nation. Today, at the blog, we are going to discuss about the different kind of vehicles filed with form 2290. Like all gold does not glitter, every truck/ heavy vehicle you see on the highway are not mandate to file form 2290. There are categories of vehicles and tax is filed accordingly and among them very popularly known, taxable vehicles are the one of the vehicle type that is filed with form 2290. Continue reading Vehicles Filed Through Form 2290- Discover It Here

How To Obtain An Employer Identification Number Safely- Part-II

Today, we are posting the second and the last part of How To Obtain An Employer Identification Number Safely? Last time we spoke about EIN and the methods how to gain one. Today, we are going to throw light on how to avoid rejection and what to do when you lose your EIN.

So keep reading and post your comments in the end if you have your own set of queries. Continue reading How To Obtain An Employer Identification Number Safely- Part-II

Celebrate Due Date Week With TaxExcise And Efile Form 2290, IFTA And Form 720

Welcome to our blog, trucking nation. We are celebrating the “Due Date Week” at ThinkTrade Inc. being serious all day, and working towards one goal- Increase in sales! Each day is now a routine. And, that is why, we wanted to break the routine and do something weird and funky, adding in humor to our blog and make it more interesting for our readers. And that’s how we concluded to celebrate “Due Date Week”. Continue reading Celebrate Due Date Week With TaxExcise And Efile Form 2290, IFTA And Form 720

Memorial Day – A Day to Honor the Martyrs and Soldiers

It is sad but true that many people in the U.S consider the Memorial Day, as a day to relax and stay relieved from their day’s work. However, we should not forget the sacrifices made by our soldiers, as well as the pain and suffering of the American families whose sons, brothers, and husbands have been a part of it. We should maintain the true essence of this day and take some time to honor the soldiers who have fought for their lives to serve the nation. Every year, this day is held on last Monday in the month of May and this year it falls on May 27th.

It is true that the sacrifices made by these soldiers can never be forgotten and on this day, we get a chance to thank them. Many people celebrate the day by preparing delicious recipes or visit their near and dear ones. Additionally, people visit cemeteries and memorials of men and women who have sacrificed their lives when serving the military service in the United States. Moreover, a memorial parade is held in Washington D.C, the capital city of the United States to salute the brave hearts and their commitment for the nation’s prosperity. Those who are working on this day can spend some time with their family and visit the cemeteries of the soldiers.

On this day, the flag of the United States is hoisted half-mast until noon and many Americans place a flag on the graves and cemeteries. With the advancement of time, the essence of celebrating Memorial Day is getting lost and is hardly an occasion to remember the martyrs. Also known as, the ‘Decoration Day’ and was usually celebrated on May 30th irrespective of the day it used to be. However, it was from 1971 when Memorial Day started to be observed on the last Monday in May, thus creating three-day weekends for the U.S citizens.

Memorial Day is a national holiday and almost all the business and government organizations, schools and colleges are closed. However, there are individuals who work on this day too such as truckers, who do the important work of transporting goods from one place to another. Like the soldiers whose return is eagerly awaited similarly, the family of truck drivers also awaits his or her return with much anticipation. Taxexcise.com salutes them both for serving the nation with complete dedication and honesty.

Let’s Measure Our Love

Nothing could be rated down than slipping a love-wrapped gift to your better half. You might be in love or in a relationship. May be married even! The timely gift speaks your love for her/him. Romantic time in your life comes often. Let’s make this Feb-14, a little more special. Being well-wisher of truckers, we can simply feel your rough task to roam around the city. How bad it would be missing your loved one. Why can’t you make much outta this day? We know when it comes to money or relationship, you will choose relationship. Yes! Relationships are important too.

If your valentine stays home (Gifts for women):

Do take some little time to know what’s going on her life, when you are away from home. Check out whether she has proper food diet, while she misses you. Realize the efforts she puts in to bring up your children on her own. Know her wishes and take this chance to fulfill them.

Some gift ideas:

  • A hand-written letter, closer to her heart.
  • Candies & chocolates
  • A beautiful dress that she love to wear
  • Booking for a relaxing spa or a romantic movie
  • Personalized gifts like photo printed Tees, photo frames and coffee cup
  • A candle light dinner

We personally don’t believe in gifting flowers or candies to women. Not all the women love flowers. Some may treasure it, while others look for some expensive kinda gift. So open your purse at least now!

These gifts could be attractive. But remember no gift would be greater than your presence.

If your valentine trucks (Gifts for men):

Before you make any plan for this day, just think off how your true love suffers all the time in huge traffic, irritating noise from blowing horns, driving long hours gearing it apt for winter etc., Get to know his pains. Now your mind says, “Let me ease his pain by showering loads of love” And it is valid to plan for the day.

  • Present him an all new love-photo of you couples that could make him think of him at anytime he sees that.
  • Prepare a special meal on the day. It’s better to bake something he preferably likes.
  • If he has to run behind the wheel, then pack those dishes shaping up them in to heart form. In times, it may even end up in the shape of lungs or liver. Doesn’t matter!! Love that counts J
  • A music player gift, Old idea but still makes perfect sense. Utility matters
  • You might belong to any community. Get your god’s perfect love book, which would not be a trouble to carry along trucking.

God’s perfect love books!

In the mean time, make some ample time love your country too. Pay taxes on time or file an extension to avoid penalties. Happy e-filing!