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Truck Tax Form 2290 is Due This August 31.

Truck Tax Form 2290 is due this August 31. and need to be filed with the IRS to receive the stamped Schedule-1 proof to present it to get your heavy vehicles registered with state and federal authorities. Form 2290 and Schedule-1 is due now for the new tax year 2016-17 beginning on July 1, 2016, and ending on June 30, 2017. Highway motor vehicles that have a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more are taxable and must file Form 2290 and pay the tax. Trucks that are used for 5,000 miles or less (7,500 for farm trucks) are required to file a return but are excluded from paying the tax.

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Tax Form 2290 and Schedule-1 can be prepared and reported online and file it today with a flat 10% off by apply the promo code “HURRYUP” valid till Aug 21. How ever the Form 2290 is due this August 31. and need to be reported and taxes need to be paid in full to avoid penalty for filing your return late or paying your tax late.

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World loves the First, which is Always the Best

Who will forget 2:56 UTC July 21, 1969? Yes that is when a representative on mankind Neil Alden Armstrong stepped on the surface of moon and took a walk. The entire voyage to the moon faced a lot of obstacles, they had landing problems, they even went low on fuel and its also said that Armstrong’s heart beat touched 110 beats per minute during the launch of Apollo 11. He faced all these troubles and the result was fruitful, the entire world remembers him till date. Continue reading World loves the First, which is Always the Best

Reasons to E-file Your Excise Tax Return with TaxExcise.com

You are still in Stone Age if you are still paper filing your Excise Tax returns. More than 80 percent of the taxpayers file their taxes electronically. The IRS has processed more billion’s tax returns safely and securely since 1990, the Official beginning of Efiling ERA. Very few still stick with paper filing

Below are the important reasons to switch to Efiling:

  • Trust Technology for Accuracy: For simple calculations we use our mobile phones or calculators these days, for accurate tax calculations it’s always recommended to Efile your tax returns. IRS will reject your Tax return or your claim for simplest of calculation mistake, which can happen mostly when you try to Paper file your Tax return.
  • Safety First:  E-file service provider like TaxExcise.com follows strict guidelines to provide the best in             encryption technology. When logged in to TaxExcise.com you will be in a “secure session” that is established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and verified by COMODO’s Global Site Certificate Technology. While           connected with SSL, every transmission between your computer and our websites are encrypted with 128-bit (strong) encryption.
  • Response at the drop of a hat. You receive instant acknowledgement from the IRS on a tax return that is E-filed through TaxExcise.com. If the IRS rejects your tax return, you will receive an instant notification and you can quickly correct the return and resubmit it. An e-filed claim means a three times faster refund             compared to paper return.
  • Various options to pay-off: While e-filing one can enjoy different payment options like EFW Electronic Funds Withdrawal from the bank account, EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System or can even opt to the traditional check or money order option.

All the above mentioned points about E-filing can be summed up to one word “SIMPLE”.

www.taxexcise.com and www.extensiontax.com serves as a one stop shop for all your excise and extension tax needs. For all your Excise and Extension tax related questions call us @ 1-866-245-3918 or write to            support@taxexcise.com.

Vehicles Filed Through Form 2290- Discover It Here

We are back, trucking nation. Today, at the blog, we are going to discuss about the different kind of vehicles filed with form 2290. Like all gold does not glitter, every truck/ heavy vehicle you see on the highway are not mandate to file form 2290. There are categories of vehicles and tax is filed accordingly and among them very popularly known, taxable vehicles are the one of the vehicle type that is filed with form 2290. Continue reading Vehicles Filed Through Form 2290- Discover It Here

How To Obtain An Employer Identification Number Safely- Part-II

Today, we are posting the second and the last part of How To Obtain An Employer Identification Number Safely? Last time we spoke about EIN and the methods how to gain one. Today, we are going to throw light on how to avoid rejection and what to do when you lose your EIN.

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