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Don’t Let Procrastination Be The Reason For Delayed Tax Filing

You thought you had enough time but suddenly realize that you are nearing tax deadline. Time’s running out! Either you have to do it now or file for a 6 months extension. Whatever it may, it adds to tension and stress. Procrastination – the act of being lazy and postponing important tasks, is one of the possible reasons. Read on to find answers to learn effective ways to get rid of procrastination.

Filing tax return is not a liability but a responsibility. Moreover, paying taxes on time makes us the responsible citizens of our country, also preventing from paying interests and penalties to IRS. Remembering the tax deadlines along with managing work and family is never an easy task. However, there is no need to press the panic button but keep yourself relaxed. Procrastinating is one of the major reasons why many tax payers miss on their tax deadline and if you are on the list, then it is the right time to take necessary precautions. Its better you know your weaknesses and preparing yourself in advance can avoid making it a habit.

If you prefer filing tax returns through post, then it is good to file when ahead of time. For those who procrastinate may end up filing interests and penalties. Although, e-filing is a suitable option but even filing on-line at the 11th hour can bring in troubles. This is because; there are increased chances of making errors with less time for rectifying them. Therefore, stop procrastinating taxpayers and take action immediately.

Procrastinating your tax deadline is just a way to add to complication you might come across on the tax filing day. Yes, you have the option to file an extension but that doesn’t save you from paying tax return. Additionally, if you tend to miss your tax deadline the first time, then there are chances of missing it the next time too. To prevent procrastination, taxpayers are advised stay connected with the useful features and stay updated., a leading e-filing service provider helps its customers by sending email alerts.

Another interesting way to shun procrastination when paying taxes is by staying connected with social media websites such as twitter and facebook where it is easy to stay connected with the tax related announcements or You Tube, the platform offering useful and tax tips. In addition, taxpayers need to follow healthy practices such as preparing a to-do list, understanding the priorities, and maintaining notes.

E-filling is the safe and convenient way to pay taxes on-line. We at help taxpayers have a safe and hassle-free tax filing experience. Reach us 1-866-245-3918 to share your experience to help us serve you better.

Memorial Day – A Day to Honor the Martyrs and Soldiers

It is sad but true that many people in the U.S consider the Memorial Day, as a day to relax and stay relieved from their day’s work. However, we should not forget the sacrifices made by our soldiers, as well as the pain and suffering of the American families whose sons, brothers, and husbands have been a part of it. We should maintain the true essence of this day and take some time to honor the soldiers who have fought for their lives to serve the nation. Every year, this day is held on last Monday in the month of May and this year it falls on May 27th.

It is true that the sacrifices made by these soldiers can never be forgotten and on this day, we get a chance to thank them. Many people celebrate the day by preparing delicious recipes or visit their near and dear ones. Additionally, people visit cemeteries and memorials of men and women who have sacrificed their lives when serving the military service in the United States. Moreover, a memorial parade is held in Washington D.C, the capital city of the United States to salute the brave hearts and their commitment for the nation’s prosperity. Those who are working on this day can spend some time with their family and visit the cemeteries of the soldiers.

On this day, the flag of the United States is hoisted half-mast until noon and many Americans place a flag on the graves and cemeteries. With the advancement of time, the essence of celebrating Memorial Day is getting lost and is hardly an occasion to remember the martyrs. Also known as, the ‘Decoration Day’ and was usually celebrated on May 30th irrespective of the day it used to be. However, it was from 1971 when Memorial Day started to be observed on the last Monday in May, thus creating three-day weekends for the U.S citizens.

Memorial Day is a national holiday and almost all the business and government organizations, schools and colleges are closed. However, there are individuals who work on this day too such as truckers, who do the important work of transporting goods from one place to another. Like the soldiers whose return is eagerly awaited similarly, the family of truck drivers also awaits his or her return with much anticipation. salutes them both for serving the nation with complete dedication and honesty.

What to Avoid When Filing for a Tax Refund – Know the Tips

Filing tax return is not something we want to do everyday and try our best do it cautiously to avoid making any errors. At times, you might make few mistakes but this can add to your responsibility and make the process lengthy too. For example, if you file your tax return incorrectly then it might take more than the usual time to process and add to the delay in getting refund. Therefore, to avoid making any errors e-filers are advised to file their tax return electronically. In addition, recent surveys have shown that taxpayers have increased chances of making a mistake compared to those paper-filing their tax return. Read on to learn the common errors to avoid when filing tax return:

  • Name Misspelled or Wrongly Written:

Taxpayers should make sure to enter their name, as registered in the EIN . Additionally, it does not take much time to review the name entered in the tax form to ensure it is correct.

  • Incorrect Tax Calculation:

Taxpayers filing their tax return on paper need to be extra cautious when calculating their taxes, as well as have to be perfect in it. Whereas, those e-filing their tax return can stay tension-free, as certified e-filing service providers like have in-built calculator that makes tax calculations easier and faster.

When e-filling tax returns for refund, tax payers sign the return electronically by providing five digits of their choice. Taxpayers should remember the digits entered by him or her to avoid complications when filing for the next time.

  • Un-signed Form:

An un-signed tax return form is somewhat similar to an unsigned check, which is invalid and of not use. Make sure to check these important details before sending the form completely. is an IRS certified e-filing service provider offering easy, quick, and secure e-filing of tax refund. Reach us @ 1-866-245-3918 anytime and get your queries answered.

Dive In to Get a Brief Understanding of Indoor Tanning Tax

Is it that you are only paying taxes without understanding what actually you are paying for? Tanning tax in form 720 is one of the tax returns that not many taxpayers tend to understand. However, reading this blog can help them gain some information on indoor tanning tax available in form 720 returns.

Understanding Indoor Tanning Tax:

Indoor tanning tax is a kind of excise tax imposed on individuals who use the service to reduce skin tanning. Similar to communication and air transportation excise taxes, indoor tanning tax in form 720 is ‘collected excise tax’ and is acquired at the time of making payment. Moreover, the person who receives the payment is known as the ‘collector’. For a better understanding, this tax is employed on electronic products having ultraviolet lamps and designed to safeguard individuals from the irradiation caused due to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the amount paid for purchasing creams, lotions, etc. to reduce skin tanning is not subjected to indoor tanning tax.

As mentioned above, indoor tanning tax is a kind of excise tax collected by individuals offering the service. This tax not applicable on undesignated payment cards or gift cards usually exchanged for goods and services but not necessarily indoor tanning services. Moreover, in case the provider does not receive the payment for offering the services, then he or she is liable for paying the tax return.

Knowing the Filing Requirements:

This excise tax is a part of form 720, which is paid quarterly and the due date is 30 days after the end of every quarter. This tax should be reported on Part II of the excise tax form on IRS. No.140.

Find the clear dates to File and pay Your Tanning taxes by Form 720 :

April 30- To report tax collected in Jan., Feb. and March
July 31- To report tax collected in April, May and June
October 31-To report tax collected in July, Aug. and Sept.
January 31- To report tax collected in Oct., Nov. and Dec. of the prior year

Exemptions for Indoor Tanning Tax Services:

  • Photo-therapy Service:

Licensed medical professionals offering photo-therapy services are not liable to pay indoor tanning tax. Moreover, the services should be performed by a licensed medical practitioner. Therefore, if a patient is advised photo-therapy services but, if he or she takes the treatment from a private salon, then the person is liable to tax payment. This service is useful for treating patients having problems such as acme, sleeping disorder, neonatal jaundice, etc.

  • Qualified Physical Fitness Facility:

This is a facility where a company provides equipment to its members to help them exercise and maintain physical fitness. However, businesses should keep in mind that indoor tanning services are not a part of their business and if so they would be liable for indoor tanning tax.  It is not only important to pay taxes but understanding them is important too.

Now, you can e-file excise tax from the comfort and convenience of your house. Log on today! Whether you have a suggestion for us or need an answer for your query. Call us at 1-866-245-3918 to help us serve you better.

Prepare Yourself for Tax Filing with Important and Useful Tips

With the tax filing season approaching soon, it is important to file your tax returns accurately and properly. The tips discussed below can help you prepare your tax return smoothly. Read on for an improved tax filing experience.

·         Keep all Your Records Handy:

Finding the documents when filing your tax return can add to your time and efforts. Therefore, whether filing for excise tax or claiming for a refund, ensure having all the documents you know will be required during tax filing. Moreover, ensure keeping the documents at a place where it is easy to locate.

·         Find Answers to Your Questions:

If there are several questions troubling your mind, then make sure to get answers to them. Tax e-file providers like provide assistance to tax payers and help them with easy tax filing and refund.

·         Know the Various Filing Options:

There are various ways how tax payers can file their tax return such as online, on paper, or hire a professional. However, filing on paper requires time without having any room for errors whereas, hiring a professional would add to your expenses. Therefore, to save time and money it is good to file your taxes online with an IRS certified service provider.

·         Provide Accurate Information:

Visiting the IRS website can help you learn the instructions for filing your tax return. It is a good idea to read the instructions before filing the form, as this can be helpful in easy and accurate filing of the tax form. Moreover, not filing the tax form accurately can bring in complications.

·         Choose a Certified E-file Provider:

Choosing a BBB accredited and IRS certified e-file service provider like to file your excise taxes including HVUT, helps you get done with it quickly with features like user-friendly GUIs and inbuilt calculators.

Preparing for tax return before filing makes the process smooth and systematic. However, it is advisable to file your tax return well in advance and avoid doing at the last-minute. Visit us online or call us @ 1-866-245-3918 for all kinds of e filling assistance.