World loves the First, which is Always the Best

Who will forget 2:56 UTC July 21, 1969? Yes that is when a representative on mankind Neil Alden Armstrong stepped on the surface of moon and took a walk. The entire voyage to the moon faced a lot of obstacles, they had landing problems, they even went low on fuel and its also said that Armstrong’s heart beat touched 110 beats per minute during the launch of Apollo 11. He faced all these troubles and the result was fruitful, the entire world remembers him till date.

The voyage to the moon was not planned in a day the crew including Armstrong had to undergo a lot of trainings, testing’s and they did it over and over again so that the mission never fails. Most of us do not know the fact that Armstrong narrowly escaped death a year before the launch of Apollo 11. In 1968 Armstrong had to perform an emergency ejection from a test aircraft while just 200 feet above the ground. Even after this he had the courage to continue his career as an Astronaut.

After the successful landing of Apollo 11 there were several Astronauts who landed on moon, but why do we praise Armstrong and not the others? The answer is simple; being first is not an easy task and first is always considered to be the leaders. The leaders lay a path and others follow it. The first people to anything will face all sorts of trouble and will find solution for it hence they will have answers for all the troubles. But that is not the case for followers they don’t face most of these obstacles and will not have the answer for the problems when they get suddenly hit.

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