What to Avoid When Filing for a Tax Refund – Know the Tips

Filing tax return is not something we want to do everyday and try our best do it cautiously to avoid making any errors. At times, you might make few mistakes but this can add to your responsibility and make the process lengthy too. For example, if you file your tax return incorrectly then it might take more than the usual time to process and add to the delay in getting refund. Therefore, to avoid making any errors e-filers are advised to file their tax return electronically. In addition, recent surveys have shown that taxpayers have increased chances of making a mistake compared to those paper-filing their tax return. Read on to learn the common errors to avoid when filing tax return:

  • Name Misspelled or Wrongly Written:

Taxpayers should make sure to enter their name, as registered in the EIN . Additionally, it does not take much time to review the name entered in the tax form to ensure it is correct.

  • Incorrect Tax Calculation:

Taxpayers filing their tax return on paper need to be extra cautious when calculating their taxes, as well as have to be perfect in it. Whereas, those e-filing their tax return can stay tension-free, as certified e-filing service providers like Taxexcise.com have in-built calculator that makes tax calculations easier and faster.

When e-filling tax returns for refund, tax payers sign the return electronically by providing five digits of their choice. Taxpayers should remember the digits entered by him or her to avoid complications when filing for the next time.

  • Un-signed Form:

An un-signed tax return form is somewhat similar to an unsigned check, which is invalid and of not use. Make sure to check these important details before sending the form completely.

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