Unleash The Truth About Rejecting Form 2290

Filing form 2290 is an application to file and report heavy vehicle used tax. Sometimes, it so happens that we commit errors without really knowing about it. It might be small errors to a big one, which can make IRS reject the return. And each time we wonder, why did our return get rejected again? That is why we have jotted down the points we should address for helping others to deal with better filing.

Let’s get going with the reasons:

  • Information Doesn’t Match IRS Records:

It is very important to submit the right information as per the IRS records while reporting form 2290 like your business name and EIN. It so happen for few owner operators, their business name is registered with their EIN. You need to pay attention that time.

However, IRS has stopped accepting SSN (Social Security Number) as a replacement for EIN while e filing form 2290. If you have forgotten your business name or the EIN that is registered with IRS, you can retrieve the lost data by calling 1-800-829-4933.

Also, if you don’t own an EIN, you can always apply EIN online within minutes. Visit here to know more.

  • New EINs Not Updated In IRS Database

This scenario comes up when you are filing with a newly received EIN. It takes around 15 days for the IRS to update their database with the new EIN. If your EIN is not 15-20 days old, you will receive an error message stating your EIN doesn’t match since your EIN is not 15 days old.

Do not panic, you can always wait and file after 15 days and IRS would eventually accept your form 2290.

  • Form 2290 Filed Twice:

It is a rule that IRS accepts only one filing per VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) per tax year. And that indicates, you cannot file twice for one vehicle. If you’re efiling online, you can always cross check with your previously filed return, just to be sure. Do reach IRS Excise Tax hotline- 1-866-699-4096 if you get this error message.

  • Incorrect Routing Transit Number:

Another situation where your return might get rejected is for providing IRS with the wrong bank routing number. For betterment, you can always cross check with the number mentioned below of your check, and your routing number or you can always get in touch with the bank for the same.

News to pass on is that, first time used vehicles in the month of June are mandate to file and report form 2290 by the end of July 2015. And if you have more than 25 vehicles to file, it is mandatory to efile and report form 2290 online.

Form 2290 can be filed online through online efiling service provider like TaxExcise.com. We are one of the most authentic and authorized online filing provider, catering you with information at your bay. Happy filing, truckers.