Tips for Truckers, who are at home this Holiday.

It’s that time of the year when most of the truckers are trying to reach home to spend time with their loved ones over the holiday season.  Truckers who do not have a family, will mostly agree to stay out on the road to give time to their fellow Truckers who do have small children or family an opportunity to spend the holidays at home.

Few suggestions for truckers, before heading home this holiday Season:

  • If you have an option take the opportunity to shop on the road, (being an OTR driver affords opportunities to buy such unique gifts!) take the time to wrap those presents.
  • There were recent articles about the kind things drivers do while at home to help other drivers who are not as fortunate.  Some took homemade Thanksgiving dinners to local truck stops and distributed them to the drivers who were sitting there.
  • Visit a local truck stop, and if anyone you knew might be in town, bring them home for the holiday.  After all they are one of us.
  • This Christmas maybe you could come up with a new tradition that would involve wrapping few small gifts and go to the truck stop and give a few drivers a present to open on Christmas.  There are many little things we could do to show drivers that we appreciate their hard work, it would be very sweet and well received by a lonely driver far from home during the holidays.
  • If time permits, get all your laundry done before you reach home, that would give you some precious time to spend with your loved ones. Those moments are precious and you can never get them back!
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Merry Christmas and have a Safe and Happy New Year!