Time for us to offer our Helping Hand Along with TMAF

The mission of Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) is to establish a long-term industry-wide movement to create a positive image for the industry, to ensure that policymakers and the public understand the importance of the trucking industry to the nation’s economy, and to build the political and grassroots support necessary to strengthen and grow the industry in the future. Today the TMAF Co-Chairs on Texas Relief Efforts along with American Trucking Associations and Texas Trucking Association, let us join hands to strengthen the cause and be part of it.

Letter from ATA on Texas Relief Efforts

Our friends in Texas need your help! With many homes and businesses without power and water, we are asking our trucking family to not only keep all those affected in your thoughts and prayers, but to help ATA coordinate relief efforts, either through cash donations, relief supplies or donated transportation.

We are working closely with the Texas Trucking Association and the Southwest Movers Association, and sent ATA’s Share the Road and Workforce Heroes trucks to Texas this past weekend, both filled with much needed water. ATA’s America’s Road Team truck will leave this week.

If you are able to donate to ATA’s efforts to help those affected in Texas, please let us know. You can make a financial donation through Trucking Moves America Forward at www.trucking.org/water4Texas. We will coordinate efforts on behalf of our ATA membership. Our America’s Road Team Captains are poised to represent the industry in safely delivering these goods.

Please contact Elisabeth Barna, at ebarna@trucking.org or 202-420-8972 should you have any questions.

On behalf of our friends in Texas, ATA and the Trucking Cares Foundation, thank you for your consideration.

Chris Spear
President and CEO
American Trucking Associations
Give your helping hand! Stay Safe and Happy Trucking!

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