Time for third quarter Federal Excise Tax reporting and choose electronic filing

Time for the third  quarter excise tax filing and the excise taxpayers check out TaxExcise.com to electronically complete the tax form 720 and pay the taxes with the IRS. Electronic filing is easy, fast and safe; you can complete it in just minutes and submit your 720 return with the IRS online and receive the acceptance instantly. Electronic filing here  at TaxExcise starts at $29.99 for a  zero liability return, otherwise it would be $49.99.

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Quarterly Federal Excise Taxes

Federal Quarterly Excise Tax Form 720:

IRS Form 720, the Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return, is a tax form that businesses complete quarterly to report and pay federal excise taxes. If your business sells goods or services that are subject to excise tax, you report and pay those taxes via IRS Form 720.

List of  Excise Taxes reported in IRS Tax Form 720:

Your business needs to fill out IRS Form 720 if you sell goods or services that incur excise taxes. These products and services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Fuel taxes.
  • Retail taxes.
  • Environmental taxes.
  • Telephone communications taxes.
  • Air transportation taxes.
  • Gasoline taxes.
  • Passenger ship transportation taxes.
  • Manufacturers Taxes on Coal.
  • Fishing equipment taxes
  • Indoor tanning services taxes.
  • Bows and arrows excise taxes
  • Manufacturers Taxes on Tires.
  • Manufacturers Taxes on Vaccines.

These taxes are part of excise taxes and paid to the IRS bi-weekly as deposits  and at the end of the quarter the tax return is completed and reported, the taxes  are calculated while reporting and paid.

Electronic Filing for Federal Excise Tax Form 720

The IRS allow businesses like TaxExcise.com to help the excise taxpayers to complete the tax returns and report it online. the simple interview pattern approach helps any taxpayers to complete it online in 3 simple steps. If you’re new to efiling create an user account to access your dashboard, return users can complete the tax return by logging into their user account.

Every business needs an EIN# – Employer  Identification Number to complete the taxes online, add your business details and choose the excise tax that you’re about to file from the list. Complete filling in the information asked for one by one. Pay a nominal fee to complete your tax return. Choose electronic filing and how you prefer to pay the tax dues with the IRS. Submit it for processing and receive back the acknowledgement to your inbox instantly.

Electronic filing does the automatic tax math, 100% accurate tax  calculations, zero down  all possible human errors and safe data transfer over a secured channel between the TaxExcise website to the IRS.

Easy records keeping, you can get access to your tax return pdf anytime from anywhere.  Choose to receive text alert to keep you notified with the status of your tax return.

Call Support and Live Chat Support

We have a team of experts waiting to help you with your tax return; we can guide you through the process if needed and help you complete your 720 tax return. When you have any questions feel free to reach us to have it answered.

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