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1st Quarter Excise Tax Returns Due this April 30, Monday. 

You are liable to file Form 720, the federal excise taxes every quarter when you offer a service, sell a product or goods that has an excise tax component. The Excise taxes are due for every quarter in a year and the below table clearly indicates the actual due date. If the due date falls on weekend or on a federal holiday, you should file on the next business day.

You have just couple of days left  to complete your 1st Quarter Federal Excise Tax reporting and the Due Date falls for 1st quarter falls on April 30, Monday.

Excise Taxes are filed on following categories also you can claim some refunds listed under Schedule C, Schedule T and Schedule A, adjust them with the taxes you owe and pay the balance.

Electronic Filing and Faster Processing of your Tax Returns

Well, this is one subject asked by all since the time E-filing has taken its vows. As it is easy, accurate, and fast, you tend to save much time and also some dollars. The advantage here is that you could zero down all possible human errors while preparing a tax return and avoid paying additional taxes with accurate math.

Reporting quarterly federal excise taxes electronically would get your return processed instantly and you’ll receive an acknowledgment immediately. Electronic filing is economic too, you pay just a nominal fee and that too you can try for free* and pay only when you’re about to e-File/Print.

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Federal Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 is Due for Vehicles 1st put to use on March 2018, since the new tax year that started from July 2017 – June 2018. April 30th is the last date to report it online….