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Got IRS letter or notice for 2290 Tax Payment

Thank you truckers for the great show during this 2290 Tax Season, thousands of truckers preferred electronic filing over paper return or manual filing. Glad we were able to support majority of truckers this season like the previous years, awesome response and we should definitely register our Big Thank You for the support. Along with so many other things affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, truckers have to keep this 2290 tax payments added to their checklist with no extension of time or exemptions. IRS insisted to make the tax 2290 payment by August 31 for the current tax period July 2020 – June 2021.

The vehicles that is put to use in July 2020 has to be reported and paid by August 31, 2020; likewise for vehicles first used in August has to be reported and paid before September 30, 2020. At TaxExcise.com you can still report and pay 2290 taxes for the tax year 2020 – 21 on your heavy vehicles. IRS watermarked Schedule 1 Proof of Payment is sent to your registered email once IRS accepts.

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