Second Quarter Federal Excise Tax Online Reporting is Due this July 31

The federal quarterly excise tax returns are due now for the 2nd Quarter of 2019. Electronic filing could save your time, effort and money. Yes, getting started with Form 720, Federal Excise Tax reporting is easy and fast at

Federal Excise Tax Reporting

If your business deals in goods and services that are subject to excise tax—like air transportation, indoor tanning service, PCORI, fishing equipment, or gasoline—then you’ll have to complete IRS Form 720. Form 720 must be filed with the IRS on a quarterly basis in order for your business to report and pay your federal excise tax liability.

Although many business owners still prefer to work on paper, you may be able to save yourself both time and hassle by utilizing the IRS’s e-file program. Completing the form electronically will save you money on paper and stamps—plus, you won’t be relying on your mailing system to make sure you meet your deadline. 

Your business needs to fill out IRS Form 720 if you deal in the goods or services for which excise taxes are due now fr 2nd Quarter by July 31. The products and services can include, but are not limited to:

Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Reporting

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