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Attention truckers and heavy vehicle owners! If you have any January used vehicles in your fleet or newly purchased trucks in January, Form 2290 HVUT returns are due by the end of this month. So, don’t wait till the last date to submit your tax reports; E-file pro-rated Form 2290 tax returns on and stay ahead of the deadline. Enjoy the comfort of efficient and accurate truck tax filing with us! Register for free today and begin your Form 2290 e-filing journey with us. We provide all Form 2290 e-filing solutions in a single platform to benefit the trucking community of our nation.

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Form 2290 E-file prevents calculation mishaps, unnecessary hassle and last-minute tension. Form 2290 is an IRS form used to report the Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to the federal government. Qualified heavy vehicles or trucks with more than 55,000 pounds of total gross weight and travel more than 5,000 miles on public highways. Even if your heavy vehicle doesn’t come under the qualified category, you must report Form 2290 as a tax-suspended vehicle and need not pay the taxes. For the heavy vehicles and trucks used away from the usual tax period, the IRS charges Form 2290 HVUT on a pro-rated basis from the vehicle’s first used month until the end of the ongoing tax period. Therefore, you must calculate your pro-rated tax returns from January to June 2024 and report by February 29, 2024.

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  • Enter your business information and all necessary information.
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