IRS Form 720 Deadline for the Fourth Quarter Of 2012

Fourth Quarter Deadline

Forgot about your fourth due for federal excise taxes? We ( are here to remind you to e-file your IRS Form 720 for the fourth quarter of the year 2012. The deadline ends on January 31st 2013. This Federal Excise Tax Return is for the fourth quarter, i.e. for October, November and December of 2012.

About Form 720

Form 720 is to report on excise taxes for a variety of products and services. You have to file it for every quarter year.According to the business circumstances, variety of forms does exist for filing excise taxes with federal government. By IRS tax laws, business firms and individuals who own business should e-file Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return through Form 720. Form 720 for Tax Practitioners is available as well, with whom you could get your quarterly excise returns prepared and filed.

Who is duty-bound?

You have to e-file Federal excise tax return if your answer is “yes” to any of the reservations next. If you are liable to taxes including environmental taxes, communications and air transportation taxes etc as listed in Part-1 of IRS Form 720 or if you owe to file taxes for fuel, retail, ship passengers, manufacturing, foreign insurances and other cases as in Part-2 of Form 720.

Hurry up to file your taxes before Jan 31st 2013, for the fourth quarter of the year 2012. You can also e-file other excise tax forms such as form 8849 and Form 2290 at, a friendly E-file mate. Call our help desk at 1-866-245-3918 or write us to for further doubts, if any.