How Do you File Form 2290 With

Today, at TaxExcise, we are going to tell you how to efile your tax return form 2290. However, before we proceed, let’s take a look at the basics:

Form 2290:

IRS form 2290 is the form to pay Heavy vehicle Used Tax. If you own a heavy vehicle with taxable gross weight i.e. 55,000 pounds or more, you are liable to file form 2290 on or before Sept 2nd 2014 in order to levied penalties. The funds collected through form 2290 is directly invested in the wear and tear of the highway. It is believed that heavy vehicles cause most of the damage to the highway, as they are heavy by their weight, additional to the cargo they carry.

Usually, the tax season falls by July 1st and last till 31st of August of each year. And if the due date falls on a the weekend, the next business day is treated as the last date to file and pay form 2290. So get going filers and pay your tax on time to leave the penalties behind.

As we mentioned before, we are going to explain how to efile your tax return with

  • The basic step to become a part of our family is to register with If you are already a part of our family, simply log in with the credentials. If you have any issues while logging, you can check on “Forgot password” and from there, you can reach your lost credentials. If you are a returning user, you don’t have to register each time you come online.
  • The next step is you need to do online is, create your own business profile, that would include your address, mailing address, EIN, contact number and few other basic details.
  • Click on “Start A New Return” and choose the form you wish to file. Right now, we are filing form 2290, check on the respective form and wait till the form is loaded. Select the tax year and the month first used.
  • Entrust authentic information about your vehicle, as the tax would be calculated based on the information you provide.
  • Once the information is filed, check on the box that seems to be appropriate based upon the vehicle you own. Say you are reporting suspended vehicle, check on suspended vehicle. Likewise, you can choose the other options if they are applicable.
  • Once you have selected the vehicle type, you need to provide information like the unit, VIN and taxable gross weight. The best part about efiling is that, the application would calculate your tax based upon the information you provide. For better reference, check on the ‘Tax Meter’ on the top of the page. Save and continue.
  • You are entering the second zone of filing tax. Here, you need to assign a third party designee for your tax you are filing. You need to assign a person who can be trusted with your financial dealings and can talk to IRS during your absence.  Also, if you think it is important, fill it with information. And continue.
  • Once you assign the Third Party Designee, you need to accept the consent to disclosure. You can read the consent and check on “Yes”. You need to provide 5-digit number of your choice symbolizing your signature.
  • Once you are done with the consent, your filed form would run for a quick error check and notify you the same once if there is any errors found. You can make amends and transmit the return to IRS.
  • You have completed the second part of the tax filing successfully.
  • Now, you have to decide how you want to transmit your tax return to IRS. Either you can choose the efiling as the payment and transition method, pay your dues online and receive your schedule 1 copy in another one minute or you can take paper filing as the method. Your prepared return would be converted into PDF and emailed to your email ID.
  • IRS recommends online filing as it is easy, simple and reliable.
  • Request for Text Alert and Fax copy and make your payment online. Schedule 1 copy would be reaching your mail id in minutes.

Efiling with seems to be the best option to file your HVUT if time is the constraint. At our end, you don’t have to bother about the time, place or even the math. Everything would be taken care online. All you need to do is provide us with the information about your vehicle and the rest we would handle. Experience anew with Happy filing and stay safe on roads.