Form 720 Q2 is due by July 31st 2014

Welcome back to our blog. It’s been a very long time, and we are glad you are still around. However, today we have made our presence for a purpose. July 31st is the due date to file Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return online with in order to leave behind the penalties.

Wondering, if you fall under the category of Excise Tax filing for Q2, we would tell you.

If you are into a business and providing sales of goods and services of the products listed under form 720, you are liable to file taxes for the same on or before July 31st 2014. Excise Tax is paid on quarterly basis, thus, Q2 is due by this month end. So this is call for all the excise taxpayers to come over to and file their return online with ease and receive their acknowledgement receipt within minutes.

However, the tax is included in the goods of the customers purchase like gasoline for your car or flight tickets. The tax is paid by the businesses who deal with these products and services.

The form is divided into part I and II, dealing with its respective liabilities. However, you need to check through and understand the requirements framed for each business. The taxes are calculated on varied grounds for each of the service or product, so ensure you are clear in your math or IRS would simply reject your form 720.

As this form does not support any extension of time to file taxes, you are left with no grace time, which also means you are required to file and pay your dues online by the end of this month. With only 9 days in hand, it is vital to opt for filing taxes for this Q2 rather than paying penalties later.

Now comes the most important part of tax, the filing process.

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