Federal Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 Amendments Electronic Filing

Amendments are part and parcel of the tax return, gives us an option to correct or update the tax data reported with the Internal Revenue Service. Form 2290 Amendments allows truck taxpayers to correct the Taxable Gross Weight and the Mileage Use Limit reported in the original tax return.

Electronic filing makes it easy to prepare and report tax 2290 amendments on a reported vehicle with-in the current tax year. In form 2290 the amendments refer to changes, additional tax is applicable on a amendment return and that can be paid electronically. The IRS watermarked Schedule 1 proof is made available instantly once the amendment is approved.

Three different scenario that require Form 2290 amendments:

IRS generally allows and approves an Amendment on a reported tax return. For Federal Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290;

  • Increase in Taxable Gross Weight on a reported Heavy Vehicle
  • Mileage use limit exceeded by the reported Heavy Vehicle
  • Incorrect VIN or VIN Typo’s in Schedule 1

Increase in Taxable Gross Weight of a Heavy Vehicle

The taxable gross weight of a vehicle increases during the tax period and the vehicle falls into a new category then IRS allows truck taxpayers to report a Form 2290 Amendment and change from one reported category of gross weight to another (Between Category A to V).

  • Identify the month the taxable gross weight increased
  • Determine the new taxable gross weight category

Taxpayer have to pay additional tax to the new taxable gross weight category and pay the taxes electronically through EFTPS or EFW.

Mileage Use Limit Exceeded for a Heavy Vehicle

The suspended or tax exempt vehicle that is expected to be used with in the allowable mileage use limit of 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for a farm vehicle) and the vehicle crosses the limit then a 2290 amendment return has to be reported and the taxes has to be paid to the IRS.

The mileage use limit applies to the total mileage a vehicle is on the road during a period, regardless of the number of owners. This tax can be paid electronically through EFTPS or EFW.

TaxExcise.com make it easy and convenient to report report and pay the amendment return. When you have filed the original return with us, it is much easier to populate the data and all you need to add is the new tax data to get it done in minutes.

Incorrect VIN or VIN Typo

Earlier IRS has grouped VIB Correction unser amendment and now this is moved separately as a new category of 2290 tax return. A VIN Correction is filed if you have made a mistake in any of the numbers or letters in the Form 2290 you filed previously. It is referred in the common terms as typo’s.

  • VIN Correction can be done upto 3 characters and if you want to replace the entire VIN then IRS sometimes rejects it.
  • A proper explanation has to be included stating the reason for which the VIN Correction is reported.

The Form 2290 is now due for the Tax Year 2020 – 21. August 31 is the due date, you have less time to report and pay the 2290 Truck Tax returns with the IRS. Electronic filing is the best way to report it and receive the IRS watermarked Schedule 1 Proof of Payment instantly.