Efile And Pay Your Taxes Only at TaxExcise.com Before The Duedate for Form 720

Excise taxes are paid when purchases are made on a specific goods, such as gasoline or services and products sold by businesses. Excise tax is often included in the product a customer purchase. However, excise tax are charged on the activities like wagering or usage of heavy vehicles on highway. As excise tax are paid on quarterly basis, the first quarter taxes will be due in a day’s time. So don’t wait and think as time is slipping by. Come to TaxExcise.com and file your taxes online with ease. Our application will serve you with your requirements, adding ease to your filing.

As you have less time, you really cannot paper file your returns as the process is time consuming So best option you can opt for is efiling form 720 through TaxExcise.com.

Well, to start with, the form is divided into two important parts, I & II, each of the part dealing with a different taxes and you need to file for the business, service or selling of goods you are involved in before the due date to avoid penalties. From communication tax to gas guzzler tax is paid through form 720. So check through the form, file and pay your taxes before you need to file with penalties.

When Is The Form 720 Due?

Quarter Covered: Due Date:
January-February-March April 30th
April-May-June July 31st
July-August-September October 31st
October-November-December January 31st

We know how businesses work and the hectic schedule you follow. If the date slips out of your mind, we don’t blame you as you are working on such scenarios. And that’s is why we are here, reminding you about the due date for filing form 720.

TaxExcise.com, the most authentic E-file service provider is here to serve you the best of the best deals and you pay your dues in minutes. This is not the end, we have handpicked Tax Experts at our end to assistance you with your queries. We also support Full service option for our filers, where you need to send in your details for filing form 720 in an excel sheet format and we would do the filing on your behalf. You receive the acknowledge receipt and we do the filing for you.

Get in touch with our experts @ 1-866-245-3918 or simply email us to support@taxexcise.com. we are here to support you with your requirements.