Common Queries Raised By Taxpayers on Form 2290

E filing is one such method that allows you to file with ease any time of the day and you receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes. Most of the hurdles crossed in paper filing is easily eliminated through e filing as the          methodologies are simplified into one application. From calculations to error check, easy filing to easy reach of schedule 1 copy, the implementation of these methodologies is welcoming more and more audience to file with

However, today we are here with a new blog post for our audience who are looking for a clear idea about form 2290. All you need to do is gear up and keep reading our post. And of course, by the end, please share your    comments and views for us to grow better.

What Is E filing IRS Form 2290?

E filing is nothing but filing form 2290 online through an authentic service provider like

Who Is Liable To File Form 2290?

Truckers, owner operators and taxpayers driving heavy vehicles weighing more than 55,000 pounds are             required to file form 2290. However, among the lot, if you have to file more than 25 vehicles, you are mandated to e file form 2290 by the IRS online in order to ease down the task.

When Should You File Form 2290?

Well, the tax season falls in from July 1st to August 31st of the taxation year. For the year 2014-15, the tax         season has already dropped in and you are required to file form 2290 through to receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes. With very less days in hand, it is better to file today than later.

If you are filing prorated taxes, i.e. if you have taken your vehicle out for the first time after or before the tax      season, you are required to file form 2290 for the remaining months and pay your dues. That period is called prorated season.

Why Should You File Form 2290?

It is believed that heavy weight trucks cause most of the damage on the public highway. Thus, the funds                collected through form 2290 are directly funded in the maintenance of roads.

What Are The Advantages If You Opt For E filing Through Tax2290.Com?

Well, there are benefits that you can count in for better e filing. The first one in the list would be easy and smooth filing, without inviting any errors. Yes, the application is designed in a manner that can leave you         contented right after you are filing. No extra time consumption or time limits. You are beneficial with 24/7          access to and filing online with ease.

The second best feature we have for you is, tax calculations. Yes, as and when you type in the information about your rig, the tax is calculated. However, ensure you key in the right info for betterment.

The third feature avail for filers is error check. Once you have keyed in your information and all set to transmit to IRS, the application would check upon the errors in your form and notify you about the same. You can always go back and check through the errors and make amends before your transmit to IRS.

The next feature you can avail on is that you can receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes, almost the next minute once your return is transmitted to IRS. This is one such feature that you can enjoy with paper filing.

Other than that, you can rely on your Tax Experts, providing you support via phone, chat and Email throughout the day. Additionally to this, you can expect weekend support by our expertise. We know you really don’t have time during the week and that is why we have made ourselves available during the weekends.

What’s more, get in touch with us for assistance. Call us @ (866) 245-3918  or simply drop in a mail to              We are all ears to your queries.