Buckle Up Tax Filers! Excise Tax Filing Due is Soon Approaching!

The fun and celebrations for Christmas and New Year has just got over but the onset of the year 2014 brings in lots of responsibilities too. Business owners not only have to make the difficult calculations for the smooth running of their business but making tax calculations is also something that is unavoidable. Filing form 720 for individuals and businesses is not an easy task therefore; many excise tax filers choose the e filing option. However, it is important to file before the deadline expires to stay safe from paying penalties. As a gentle reminder, the last day for filing form 720 for the 4th quarter of 2013 is approaching soon.

January 31st is the day when excise tax is due and it is time when individuals and businesses can say good-bye to nerve racking calculations by filing the excise tax form online. We atTaxExcise.com support several sections in the Part-I and Part-II in excise tax form720. Here’s the place where filing becomes easy and with a single click of a mouse. Moreover, we save you from the hassles of standing in front of the IRS office for filing excise tax return. In addition, visiting our website can help individuals and businesses get detailed information on form 720 and the various sections that come under it.  Besides, our tax-filing experts are there to provide complete assistance during the tax filing process at any time.

Although excise tax form 720 is to be filed quarterly but the “Patient-Centered Outcome Research Fee” form, which has been newly introduced is to be filed annually. However, other forms such as indoor tanning tax, environmental and communication taxes, one-time gas-guzzler tax, retail tax, manufacturer tax, air transportation tax, and foreign insurance taxes are to be file quarterly. Keep in mind that the due date for filing any of the excise tax forms mentioned above is January 31, 2014 (except Patient Centered Outcomes Research Fee). Filing on time not only saves from paying penalties but a step for serving the nation.

Filing excise tax return is a part of almost everyone’s life and cannot be avoided. However, to file with ease we need come over the traditional way of paper filing and switch to e filing. However, if safety is the concern then TaxExcise.com is an IRS certified e filing service provider where individuals and businesses can share their details without any doubt. In addition, those not so comfortable with online filing or computers can always rely on our tax experts. We have handful of them at our end to serve tax filers with their requirements, making your task indeed easy. All one needs to do is send across the details in excel format to our customer support. We file in for them and get the acknowledgement (whether accepted or rejected) through SMS or fax, Simple right! For anything else, we are always available @ 1-866-245-3918 or send a mail tosupport@taxexcise.com for any queries or suggestions.