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Hello, Truckers! As the tax filing season for this year’s tax period is already over, you believe all of you reported and paid your HVUT form 2290 to the IRS and successfully got your stamped schedule 1 copy. Now, if you have typed in the incorrect VIN of your vehicle and got your schedule 1 copy with the incorrect VIN, you must apply for VIN correction to correct the VIN of your truck. You should not delay applying for VIN correction if you have your stamped schedule 1 copy with an incorrect VIN of your truck. Otherwise, you will have trouble with the authorities for improper schedule 1 copy. You will also be unable to register your vehicle, renew the license or process any insurance claims.

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VIN is one of the essential pieces of information you must give while you report form 2290 truck taxes to the IRS. Because the IRS uses the VIN of your vehicle to identify your vehicle, process your tax returns and manage your tax records. Therefore, it is mandatory for the truckers to get the right VIN in your schedule 1 copy while reporting your truck taxes or correct it once if you have an incorrect VIN.

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