Act Now, The Deadline to Report Form 720 for the Third Quarter is Approaching!

As the end of October is approaching, it marks the end of time to report federal excise tax Form 720 for the third quarter to the IRS. The last date to report Form 720 for the third quarter of this tax year is October 31, 2023. So, we request all quarterly federal excise taxpayers to act soon and not miss the deadline. Otherwise, the IRS will charge penalties, late fees and interests on your tax dues if you miss the last date to report and pay your Form 720 tax returns. As the last date is just around the corner, e-filing Form 720 is the best option to prepare and pay Form 720 accurately to the IRS without any mishaps.

The deadline to report Form 720 is right around the corner.

The quarterly federal excise taxes are imposed on certain goods, commodities, products and services, including transportation-related activities, indoor tanning services, communication services, environmental taxes, usage of chemicals and varieties of other items. Businesses, dealers, and sometimes consumers of these services, products and goods are entitled to report and pay taxes every quarter using the IRS Form 720. The last date to report the quarterly federal excise tax Form 720 is the end of the following month every quarter. For the third quarter, the deadline falls at the end of October. So, the eligible quarterly federal excise taxpayers must report and pay the taxes using Form 720 and stay in compliance with the law.

Since the deadline is just a few days away, it is wise to e-file Form 720 on to stay ahead of the deadline. It is critical for federal excise taxpayers, and missing it can result in penalties and late charges. The IRS doesn’t grant any extension to pay or report your quarterly federal excise taxes. So, it is essential that your tax returns are submitted on time and reduce the risk of penalties. Also, reporting your Form 720 ahead of the deadline ensures a quick process of your tax returns and improves the chances of refunds and credit claims.

E-file Form 720 on today!

The IRS Form 720 has a lot of categories and parts involving lots of products, services and goods. Paper filing leads to inaccuracies, mistakes and delays in processing. So, Form 720 e-file is the best approach to report and pay your federal excise taxes to the IRS every quarter. You can e-file Form 720 using from the comfort of your home or office using PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablet devices. The entire Form 720 e-filing is designed for accurate preparation, faster submission and timely processing. You’ll also receive an acknowledgement of receipt confirming that your return has been successfully submitted once you e-file Form 720 on To learn more about e-filing Form 720, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at 1-866-245-3918 (toll-free), available from 8 AM to 6 PM on all working days or write to us at; we will reply promptly.